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Important Education for Every Parent And Potential Parents in Africa.

Important Education for Every Parent And Potential Parents in Africa.

Important Education for Every Parent And Potential Parents in Africa.




Important Education for Every Parent And Potential Parents in Africa.

The culture of Africa can be traced back to the time or era where female children were considered inferior and less valueless . This illusionary Philosophy or mirage-like doctrine can be traced to event the content of religious books.



Now, it is time those archaic believes are buried. The video below sounds like this: A young African man got married to a youthful lady with a very reputable character  free from discrimination. Very sooner than they could imagine, God blessed them with two beautiful children, a boy and a girl.




This young man with African spirit did his possible best to make sure that his son does not lack anything to the neglection of his daughter. He has no plans for his daughter at all in life with African mentality that, the place of a woman is always the kitchen. He despised his daughter with passion. His wife being a good mother constantly complain about the negligent attitude of his husband but the more she tries to direct her husband the worser the situation becomes.



All her effort to educate his husband became null and void and totally useless to her husband. As time kept on changing, their children grew up into a full grown man and a woman as their parents grew older and weaker. At a point in time, natural laws of cause and effect thus, law of karma started to display. The family could not afford to build or buy their own house but rather continously stayed in one rented house to the other.




As old age  sicknesses  set in, life became unbearable for them. Their landlord promised to eject them from the house over compounded unpaid rents. This proud man enthusiastically called his son for help. He called his son severally but his son refused to pick the call. He couldnt believe what he was seeing and experiencing at that time. He was traumatized.




He sent countless text messages to his son asking for financial help to sort out their rent but his son would not mind him. His wife reminded him to call their daughter. He furiously replied that, what can a woman glued to the kitchen have to be contacted. He believed her daughter would be thinking of settling down with a man and how to make the kitchen appetizing to the husband.


Through conversations, their son called his sister and as they were talking, he told her about their fathers request. He added that even though he is a footballer and has money, his parents are not his budern. He rather wants to gather much money for his important projects. His sister was sad upon hearing this. He quickly sent the money to his father. His father was shocked and dumbed with words. The man started confessing before his daughter about how he cared less for her through out her entire time and asked for forgiveness.



Women must be respected. Our planet earth making life possible is a woman with female energy. We should know that a sorrowful state of a woman in pregnancy will vibrate negatively on the child leading giving birth to recalcitrant children. Lets treat our females right without alternatives because they deserve it.

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