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Careers/Jobs in Textiles & Clothing and Fashion

Careers/Jobs in Textiles & Clothing and Fashion

Careers/Jobs in Textiles & Clothing and Fashion


Clothing is any thing which is carried on the body to enhance a pleasing appearance. As fashion trend changes so are clothing designs and styles for both men and women. Basically clothing is classified into four different categories with each category having a unique benefits.

Importance of  Clothing

1. To cover our nakedness

2. For beautification or decoration

3. For identification and adornment

4. For Religious purposes

5. For status and prestige

6. For communication purposes

7. To camouflage body or figure type

However, there are various careers in fashion or clothing and textiles that one  can build him or herself in.


Careers/Jobs in Textiles & Clothing and Fashion

1. Dress making

2. Retailing

3. Factory work

4. Textile designer

5. Interior decorator

6. Communication or journalism

7. Teaching

8. Laundry and dry cleaning services

9. Extension officer or services

10. Make- up Artist

11. Fabric craftsman

12. Upholstery making


14. Pattern making

15. Fashion designing

16. Beads making

17. Embroidering

18. Textile engineering

19. Weaving

Explanation of some of the career opportunities.

Dress making

With skills in designing and sewing, one can be employed in fashion houses to design and sew or to supervise sewing for customers. One can also run his or her own dress making business.

Factory work

One can work as quality control specialist making sure that clothing and textiles items meet certain standards.


Communication and journalism

You can be employed in the media house writing articles about how to select, use and care for fabrics or how to dress appropriately for different occasions.


With further studies One can be employed as a clothing and textiles teacher lecturing the production and properties of various fibres and their suitability for various end uses. One may teach clothing and design as well as construction of garments.

Laundry and dry cleaning services

With little funds one can set up a plant to cater for those who may not be able launder their own clothing.


Using embroidery stitches and yarns or threads to make decorations on fabrics


Using warp and weft threads by either interlacing either by hand or machine to produce articles. This offers self employment to the one who can weave tactically for sale.


Upholstery making

It involves using fabrics , woods, foam, and trimmings to produce furniture which can provide self employment.

Extension services

One may decide to work with ministry of social welfare as extension officer working with families and educating them about the selection, care and use of fabrics as well as how to use clothing to make useful articles out of scraps.

Make-up Artist

This involves grooming news reader, actors and actresses as well as musicians who want to perform on stage.


Interior decoration

Offering or been employed by people to decorate internal parts of rooms for social events like weddings, offices and other social centres for ceremonies using soft furnishing.



Those with perfect figure with a pleasing appearance can be employed to fit garments to showcase the creativity and the works of a designer.

Fabric craftsman

This work gives one an opportunity to use fabric to creat various forms of articles for sale such hair fasinators, Bags, purse etc. and other accessories to improve dressing and the home


Engaging in buying and selling fabrics from the wholesaler and sell them in single units. One can also be employed by a departmental store as a sale person advising persons on styles for fabric, choice of suitable colours and accessories for the wearer for different occasions.



Those With entrepreneural skills and have stable financing can buy fabrics and other clothing articles in bulk directly from manufactures and sell them to retailers.

Textiles designer

A clothing and textile graduate who is artistic and has flair for sewing and designing can own his or her own business in fabric production.

Pattern making

This is making out styles on paper to be used in cutting out garments in different sizes.

Fashion designing

Your ability to predict and forecast styles of garments as well as illustrations is a plus for you. One can also sew and produce garments either in greater or smaller quantities for sale.

Beads making

Involves the uses of materials such as beads, stones, shells and seeds to produce accessories. It also helps to use beads to decorate or produce bags, footwear purse etc.

Fabric decorator

Using both the elements and principles of design to uniquely beautify fabrics through the right choice of colours eg. Tie and dye , batik and printing.


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