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Early Warning Signs of Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Breast cancerBreast cancer

Early Warning Signs of Inflammatory Breast Cancer

It is a rare and aggressive disease and it is called inflammatory cancer because the breast often looks swollen and red or inflamed.


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Most inflammatory breast cancers are invasive ductal carcinoma (which means they developed from the cells that lines the milk ducts of the breast and then spread beyond the duct). It progresses rapidly usually in the matter of weeks or months.


Usually at the time of diagnosis, it is either stage III or IV disease. This is not a good diagnosis.


It usually diagnosed in younger people and sometimes older women of African descent. It is more common in obese women than women of normal weight.


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Signs and symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer

1. Swollen and redness of the entire breast.

2. The skin of the breast may also appear pink, reddish, purple or bruised.

3. The skin of the breast may have ridge or appear pitted like the skin of an orange.

4. Sometimes the breast may contain a solid mass that can be felt during physical examination but more often a tumour can not be felt.

5. The breast suddenly and quickly increased in size and becomes heavy.

6. The nipple begins to grow inwardly.

7. You might have a sensation of heaviness, burning or tenderness of your breast.

8. You may have swollen lymph node. These may be present under the the arm near the collarbone or both.


Because this symptoms can be a sign of other breast conditions that are not cancer, diagnosis can often be delayed and very difficult to diagnosed.


Because inflammatory breast cancers is so aggressive it can arise between scheduled screening mammogram and progress quickly hence the doctor might take a sample from your breast to help make a diagnosis or do MRI, PET SCAN or CT scan based on the doctors discretion.

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