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Early Warning Signs Your Intestine Is Full Of Parasite (Intestinal Worms)

Intestinal wormsIntestinal worms

Early Warning Signs Your Intestine Is Full Of Parasite (Intestinal Worms)

Many types of worms can cause problem in humans. Intestinal Worms can live in human body for years. These intestinal worms are parasites – They live in another organism (The Host) for their food.


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Some warning signs of intestinal worms are

1. Diarrhea

2. Abdominal pain

3. Loose stool containing blood and mucus

4. Bloating

5. Abdominal tenderness

6. Fatigue

7. White dots in the stool

8. Anal itching

9. Loss of appetite

10. Nausea and vomiting

11. Weight loss


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Symptoms of intestinal worms or intestinal parasites may emerge after consumption of egg worms from dirt or raw meat.

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