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Effect Of Energy Drinks On Kids

 Effect Of Energy Drinks On Kids

Effect of energy drinks on kids: Energy drinks are becoming part of our society with their attractive labels and colors. They are found in almost every home.

Due to the high purchase of energy drinks, there are many different brands in the market. Parents give energy drinks to their kids without knowing the effect of it.

Adults tend to abuse these drinks in daily basis. Some can’t go a day without drinking energy drink. Overconsumption of energy drinks are harmful to adults as well. But children are not supposed to take it all.

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Many people abuse energy drinks, some takes it to be able to work hard, some also take it to stay awake. Others have taking it to the extend that they have become addicted to it.

They can’t go few hours without consuming energy drink. Children are more vulnerable of becoming addicted to energy drinks, which has a negative effect on their health.

Many parents are not aware that energy drinks can be harmful to their kids.

Energy drinks contain caffeine, which can cause serious health conditions in children.Giving caffeinated foods or beverages to your kids put them at risk of developing serious health conditions.

Parents need to be careful when giving caffeinated beverages to their children. It’s a big no to give energy drinks to kids. Don’t try that. It is very wrong, energy drinks are off limits for children.

Effect of energy drinks on kids

Energy drinks contain high amounts of caffeine and in children it can have side effects such as:

1. Increased anxiety

2. Mood swings

3. Abnormal heart rhythms

4. Also, the high level of caffeine in energy drinks has a negative impact on their sleep. It keeps them awake and affect affect their daily activities such as learning./ Effect of energy drinks on kids.

5. Consumption of energy drink by children, especially in high amounts, may predispose them to seizures and even sudden death.

6. Energy drinks may also negatively impact the blood pressure of children.

Just don’t give children energy drinks. Don’t.



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