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First Aid in Dog Bites

First Aid in Dog Bites

First Aid in Dog Bites : Dog bites are very common in our settings because most people leave their dogs to move about to the extent that it can even take days before the dog comes home. The saddest part is that these dogs are not vaccinated. About 70% of dog owners are not even aware that they are supposed to vaccinate their dogs and these dogs move around and bite people anyhow.

If a dog is not vaccinated, and it’s infected by bacteria or viruses, and it bites you, these bacteria or viruses are transmitted into your body and this can cause serious conditions and can be very fatal if not attended to on time. Some diseases caused by dog bites are Rabies (the commonest and fatal one among all), meningitis, tetanus and many more.

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It’s advisable for every dog owner to send his / her dog to any veterinary clinic/ service near them for vaccination./ First Aid in Dog Bites

There are some first aids you can provide for a victim of a dog bite before sending the victim to the nearest health center. These are as follows

1. Use mild soap and warm water to gently clean the affected area for at least five minutes. Wash both inside the wound and around carefully to minimize the risk of infection. Don’t use harsh substances such as hydrogen peroxide, alcohol or methylated spirit as they can be damaging to the injured tissues./ First Aid in Dog Bites

2. Apply pressure to the affected part with a clean cloth to arrest or slow bleeding.

3. Apply antibacterial lotion or cream to the site if available.

4. Wrap the wound with a sterile bandage.

5. Transport the victim to the nearest health facility./ First Aid in Dog Bites

Do not manage a dog bite at home, since it can be very fatal and has serious complications.

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