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How to apply to teach in UK if you trained outside the UK

teach in UKteach in UK

How to apply to teach in UK if you trained outside the UK

Teach in UK and you’ll benefit from working in a world-class education system.


You’ll earn a competitive salary, get supported in your professional development and have varied job opportunities.


You could also consider teaching in Wales (opens in new window)Scotland(opens in new window) or Northern Ireland(opens in new window).


Not qualified as a teacher yet? Find out how to train to teach in England as a non-UK citizen. If you don’t want to come to England to train, you should consider international qualified teacher status (iQTS), which leads to the automatic award of English qualified teacher status.


What you’ll need to teach in UK

If you are already a qualified teacher, you do not need to retrain to teach in England. However, you will need:

  • to apply for English ‘qualified teacher status’, or be able to demonstrate strong non-UK qualifications and experience
  • a high standard of written and spoken English
  • to pass criminal and professional safeguarding checks (these will be organised by your employer)
  • a visa or immigration status allowing you to work in the UK


teach in UK


Get an international relocation payment (IRP) worth £10,000

If you are interested in moving to England to teach languages or physics in an English secondary school, you could be eligible for a single payment of £10,000 from the UK government. Learn more about the international relocation payment.

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