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Are you thinking of how to have rock hard erection for a quality s3x life?


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Are you thinking of how to have rock hard erection for a quality s3x life?

How to have rock hard erection and kill premature ejaculation

1. Drink Moringa leaves extract as your water.

To have rock hard erection and kill premature ejaculation think Moringa first. Moringa is a wonderful plant with numerous health benefits. Due to this, Moringa is popularly known as “the miracle tree” in India.

Based on scientific research, Moringa has more than thirty-two different important compounds. This makes Moringa very different from other plants. Moringa has been in use in countries like China, India, and South Africa since time memorial. Fortunately enough, moringa is available in all the six northern regions and even in some Southern parts of Ghana.


It contains strong antioxidants that make it antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, and antiseptic. To eradicate your erectile problem, get two to three cups full of fresh moringa leaves, wash them carefully, and blend or grind the fresh leaves. Buy the big Voltic bottle size water and mix it with your grinned moringa leaves.


Filter the mixture carefully and throw away the residue. Fill the empty Voltic bottle with the filtrate (the moringa extract). Add honey to the mixture and stir vigorously. The miracle moringa extract is ready for use.


Store it in the refrigerator. Use disposal cut to measure the natural Viagra for use. Pour it into a disposable cup about half full and take it at least three times daily. In the evening, take it as the last thing before bedtime.


Use it consistently. Only three days of proper usage will give you drastic improvement. Use this as long as possible since it is healthy for our entire health.

2. Garlic and onion blend or mixture

To have rock hard erection and kill premature ejaculation, consider Garlic and Onions. No wonder these vegetables are always found in our kitchens.

They have countless health benefits, ranging from eliminating free radicals from the body to improving skin and heart health.

Besides, they play a major role in the enhancement of penis health. Using them rightfully gives heavier, stronger and long-lasting erections. The important reason that calls  for their involvement in our diet is that, they are free from chemicals and improve both intelligence and the overall health of the individual.


It is rather unfortunate that we give little attention to these wonderful substances and rather depends on toxic chemicals mercilessly for our penial health. Here we go, get three to four large onions and a medium bulb of garlic 🧄.

Peel the garlic cloves. Wash your onions and slice them. Blend the mixture together. In the absence of a blender, grind them properly. Buy the large size voice water. Mix the water with the mixture and stir well.


Filter the mixture and pour the extract or the filtrate back into the voltic container. Add honey to the mixture. You can use it without honey if you are not a fan of  honey.

Store the mixture and use your disposal cut to measure as indicated for taking the moringa extract. Do this, and you and your wife will thank me later.

3. Stop masturbation, drink plenty of water, and have enough rest

Most scholars agree with the fact that excessive masturbation can ruin your sex life. They advised that it should be done in moderation.

But I advise that, if possible, try and eliminate it totally. Masturbation relaxes the muscles of the penis and slowly kills the natural sexual urge. The stimulus that causes stronger and natural everlasting erections cannot give you stimulus anymore.

This makes it hard to experience harder erections. It also declines your testosterone levels. Water is good for our overall health.

Drinking plenty of water will boost the immune system and consequently function well as expected. Sleeping well and relaxing the body is key. If sleeping is difficult for you, use the garlic and onion blend. You will sleep and forget tomorrow.

All these methods are my personal used and proven methods. They are not from a medical doctor.

With any issue, you can leave a comment, especially if you need help. Mo and been tested and proven by her aphrodisiac


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