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Human Anatomy and Physiology past Examination Questions and

Human Anatomy and Physiology past Examination Questions and answers for All nurses


Choose the best options that answer each of the questions below. Human anatomy and physiology past examination questions and answers for all nurses

1. Gastric juice consist of all the following except?

A. Pepsin

B. Hydrochloric acid

C. Trypsin

D. Intrinsic factor


Ans. C. Trypsin

The gastric juice consist of hydrochloric acid, pepsinogen, intrinsic factor and mucus


2. Opening of hepatopancreatic duct into the duodenum is gaurded by

A. Pyloric sphincter

B. Duodenal sphincter

C. Sphincter of oddi

D. Cardiac sphincter



Ans. C. Sphincter of Oddi


3. Male gonads are?

A. Testes

B. Sperms

C. Penis

D. Prostate glands



Ans. Testes

4. Sinoatrial node is located at which part of the heart?

A. Right ventricle

B. Right atrium

C. Left atrium

D. Left ventricle



Ans.B. Right atrium


5. Blood groups were first discovered by

A. Louis pasteur

B. Karl Landsteiner

C. Aristotle

D. Sigmund Freud



Ans.B. Karl Landsteiner


Human Anatomy and Physiology past Examination Questions and


6. Which of the following organ is also called neck of uterus?

A. Body

B. Cervix

C. Fundus

D. Vagina



Ans. B. Cervix


7. The cavity in which the scapula and shoulder joint meet with humerus is ?

A. Acetabulum

B. Glenoid

C. Pelvic

D. Thoracic



Ans. Glenoid


8. Which bone is also known as shin bone?

A. Tibia

B. Fibula

C. Femur

D. Ulna



Ans. Tibia


9. Smallest form of vein is known as

A. Venule

B. Vena cava

C. Vein

D. Sinus




Ans. A. Venule


10. Kidneys are situated in

A. Pelvic cavity

B. Abdominal cavity

C. Thoracic cavity

D. Dorsal cavity



Ans. B. Abdominal cavity


Human Anatomy and Physiology past Examination Questions and


11. Total number of muscles in humans body are

A. 600

B. 200

C. 300

D. 400



Ans. A. 600


12. In humans body glycogen is mainly stored in

A. Adrenal gland

B. Liver

C. Intestine

D. Kidney



Ans. B. Liver


13. The artery which supplies blood to head and neck is

A. Coronary artery

B. Mesenteric artery

C. Carotid artery

D. Intercoastal artery




Ans. C. Carotid artery


14. The difference between systolic pressure and diastolic pressure is

A. Blood pressure

B. Lateral pressure

C. Apical pressure

D. Pulse pressure





Ans.D. Pulse pressure



15. Nerve which helps in the process of smelling is

A. Optic nerve

B. Oculomotor nerve

C. Facial nerve

D. Olfactory nerve





Ans. D. Olfactory nerve


Human Anatomy and Physiology past Examination Questions and


16. Enzyme which helps in the digestion of fats is called

A. Amylase

B. Lipase

C. Enterokinase

D. Trypsin




Ans. B. Lipase


17. Cardiac muscles are

A. Voluntary and striated

B. Involuntary and non striated

C. Voluntary and nonstriated

D. Involuntary and striated




Ans. D. Involuntary and striated


18. First Bone of the vertebral column is

A. Frontal

B. Atlas

C. Stapes

D. Parietal




Ans. B. Atlas


19. The only movable joint of the skull is

A. Lamboidal suture

B. Sagittal suture

C. Coronal





Ans. D. Temporomandibular


20. Transformation of one type of cell into another form is called

A. Hyperplasia

B. Dysplasia

C. Metaplasia

D. Anaplasia




Ans.C. metaplasia


Human Anatomy and Physiology past Examination Questions and



21. Most frequently fractured carpal bone is

A. Lunate

B. Pisiform

C. Hamate

D. Scaphoid





Ans.D. Scaphoid

22. Heat regulating center is located in

A. Thalamus

B. Medulla oblongata

C. Hypothalamus

D. Cerebellum




Ans. C. Hypothalamus


23. The junction through which neuron communicate with one another is called

A. Dendrite

B. Axon

C. Synapse

D. Node of Ranvier



Ans. C. Synapse



Human Anatomy and Physiology past Examination Questions and



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