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Mental health nursing psychiatry. MCQs for Nurses

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Mental health nursing psychiatry. MCQs for Nurses

Objective test examination. Choose the right options that best Answer each of the following questions. Mental health nursing psychiatry. MCQs for Nurses.


1. Most common type of dementia is

A. Tics disease

B. Parkinson’s disease

C. Picks disease

D. Alzheimer’s disease




Answer: D. Alzheimer’s disease


2. Gustatory hallucination affects the?

A. Nose

B. Ears

C. Taste buds

D. Skin




Answer:C. Taste buds


3. Sudden withdrawal of barbiturate use could cause a person to experience?

A. Ataxia

B. Bipolar disorder

C. Diarrhoea

D. Seizures




Answer: D. Seizures


4. A person who deliberately pretends an illness is usually thought to be?

A. Neurotic

B. Malingering

C. Out of concept with reality

D. Using conversion defences




Answer: B. Malingering


5. Imipramine is a ?

A. Antimalarial drug

B. Antimanic drug

C. Antipsychotic drug

D. Antidepressant drug




Answer: D. Antidepressant drug



Mental health nursing psychiatry. MCQs for Nurses



6. Inability to explain one’s emotional feeling is termed as?

A. Alexithymia

B. Agitation

C. Obsessive compulsive disorder

D. Distractibility




Answer: A. Alexithymia


7. The narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances act came into force from?

A. 1987

B. 1992

C. 1952

D. 1985




Answer: D. 1985


8. A patient is unable to experience pleasure in previous pleasurable activities, the problem the person has is ?

A. Alexithymia

B. Agitation

C. Anhedonia

D. Distractibility




Answer: C. Anhedonia


9. Sleepwalking is also known as?

A. Insomnia

B. Hyperbilirubinemia

C. Somnambulism

D. Sleeping sickness




Answer. C. Somnambulism


10. Psychiatric disorder in which the patient has two opposite feelings towards the same thing at the same time is known as?

A. Echolalia

B. Ambivalence

C. Perseverance

D. Hallucination




Answer: B. Ambivalence


Mental health nursing psychiatry. MCQs for Nurses


11. False recollection of memory in which the patient talks about those events which never took place, is termed as?

A. Paramnesia

B. Hyperamnesia

C. Amnesia

D. Parkinson’s




Answer: A. Paramnesia


12. Developmental reading disorder is known as?

A. Autism

B. Dyscalculia

C. Dyslexia

D. Dysphagia




Answer: C. Dyslexia


13. The term trichotillomania is defined as?

A. Bedwetting

B. Nail biting

C. Sleepwalking

D. Urge to pull out hair




Answer: D. Urge to pull out hair


14. CAGE questionnaire is used to identify severity of?

A. Schizophrenia

B. Hallucination

C. Eclampsia

D. Alcoholism




Answer: D. Alcoholism


If two or more of CAGE questionnaire Questions are answered positively, alcohol dependence is likely.

Questions asked in CAGE questionnaire are:

– Have you ever felt you should C)ut down on your drinking?

– Do people A)nnoy you by criticizing your drinking?

– Do you feel G)uilty about your drinking?

– Do you have an E)ye opener’ first thing in the morning to steady the nerves, or get rid of a hangover?



15. Delirium is known as?

A. Acute alcoholic state

B. Acute confusional state

C. Acute anaphylactic state

D. Acute breathing difficulty




Answer: B. Acute confusional state



Mental health nursing psychiatry. MCQs for Nurses



16. During schizophrenia, the drugs commonly used are?

A. Chlorpromazine

B. Haloperidol

C. Olanzapine

D. All the above




Answer: D. All the above


17. In the following, which is not an example of opioid?

A. Morphine

B. Pethidine

C. Heroin

D. Naloxone




Answer: D. Naloxone


18. A drug that is capable of altering the mental functioning is known as?

A. Psychotic drug

B. Antipsychiatric drug

C. Psychiatric drug

D. Psychoactive drug




Answer: D. Psychoactive drug


19. Sexual disorder in which patient is involved in the act  of touching and rubbing a person usually of the other sex is termed as?

A. Fetishism

B. Voyeurism

C. Frotteurism

D. Zoophilia




Answer: C. Frotteurism


20. Which of the following is not a habit disorder found in children?

A. Trichotillomania

B. Thumbsucking

C. Amnesia

D. Nail biting




Answer: C. Amnesia


21. A developmental mathematics disorder is known as?

A. Autism

B. Dyscalculia

C. Dyslexia

D. Dysphagia


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Mental health nursing psychiatry. MCQs for Nurses

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