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Interview Procedures for Promotion of Non teaching Staff Spelt out in GES Press Release

Interview Procedures for Promotion. Picture of ges letter

Interview Procedures for Promotion of Non teaching Staff Spelt out in GES Press Release

Ghana Education Service has emphatically stated and vividly documented interview procedures for promotion of non teaching teaching staff under the umbrella of GES.


A reliable reference is given to a letter from Director General of Ghana Education Service for notification to be given at both Regional and District levels across all the sixteen regions of the country.


The general public is to be informed about the ongoing promotion for non teaching staff scheduled to happenedĀ  in this very month for interested and qualified individuals to take an advantage of it.


Interview Procedures for Promotion

In the letter, it was specifically stated that, one can consider him or her self as a qualified individual for the promotion only on condition that, the person has been promoted to his or her present range at least before 1st September 2018.


Any arrangement other than that makes your application null and void. The preparedness of the person to be promoted should be based on active services of the person. The person must be on post till now.


A satisfactory recommendation should come from your superiors before you may be considered. A thorough background research should be conducted to verify the legibility of the applicant before giving head ways.

Interview Procedures for Promotion

The promotion will be given out based on merit rather than desired. Ghana Education Service is therefore cautioning everyone to ensure fairness in carrying out the entire process.


The outcome of the interview as well as the template should be submitted to the director General not later than Wednesday, 28th December, 2022 8:00am. This means non teaching staff who are due for promotion should contact their district and regional offices to be abreast with the latest information on when and where exactly their interviews are going to be conducted before it is too late for them.

Interview Procedures for Promotion

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