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Mastercard Foundation provides 7 insider tips for a strong scholarship application that awarding institutions expect

strong scholarship applicationstrong scholarship application

Mastercard Foundation provides 7 insider tips for a strong scholarship application that awarding institutions expect

When you become a Mastercard Foundation Scholar, you join a network of young people embarking on a journey toward inclusive and equitable socio-economic change in Africa. Below are the 7 insider tips for a strong scholarship application that institutions which awards scholarships want.

7 Insider Tips for a Strong Scholarship Application

1. Be specific about your skills

When higher education institutions are reviewing your application, they want to know what your skills are and how they are relevant to the program you are applying for. They want to know how you will use your technical and educational skills to improve your community.

2. Craft a compelling statement

Each scholarship application requires a statement about why you are applying. Our partners recommend that you make this statement strong and compelling. Write about what you have done, how you have helped people and what you are doing for your community and country.

3. Be authentic

Our partners like to see authenticity in applications. Tell your story: who you are, what experience you have and what you are looking to accomplish.

4. Reach out to your networks

When working on your application, an insider tip is to scan your social and personal networks. Look for people you can talk to reach out to for help. Our partners encourage you not to be shy.

5. Ensure you have strong references

A great tip from our partners is to manage your references. They encourage you to provide your references with an outline of what you would like them to highlight.

6. Start the application process early and don’t miss the deadlines

Our partners emphasize the importance of starting your application early and ensuring you meet the deadlines. Starting your application early will allow you the time to review, edit and revise. It helps make the application more thoughtful and can help reduce any gaps. To help you meet the deadlines, gather all of your documents so that you can complete the application on time.


strong scholarship application
strong scholarship application


7. Be yourself

Our partner institutions want to see who you are. They want to understand your passion and your visions. The best version of yourself is the strongest case for why you should get a scholarship.

How to apply

Please, visit the official website here for more information and apply.

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