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Mastercard Foundation publishes 9 common mistakes scholarship applicants commit.

mistakes scholarship applicants makemistakes scholarship applicants make

Mastercard Foundation publishes 9 common mistakes scholarship applicants commit.

Do you want to avoid committing petty mistakes in your scholarship applications?, Here are some 9 common mistakes scholarship applicants makes during applications.

Mistakes committed by applicants

1. Not being honest in your application

Fabricating aspects and details of your application puts you at risk of rejection, even after you have been selected. We cannot stress this enough. Ensure that your story is consistent, accurate and well-prepared.


2. Plagiarism

Many of our partner institutions list plagiarism as the most common application mistake. Do not copy and paste what other applicants have sent in the past. The institutions want to know about you and what makes you unique. They want you to tell your story and what you are capable of, not what you think they want to hear.


3. Not completing the application properly

You must ensure that all required documents are provided and uploaded correctly. Missing important documents makes your application incomplete. All institutions want to ensure a seamless application process and are available to support you with uploading the documents if you are experiencing technical issues.


4. Not providing enough information

It is in the details. Providing the required information, especially about financial needs, is important in the evaluation process.


5. Poor references

Your references should be personal and paint an accurate picture of who you are. A poor reference is one that is generic and lacks detail. When requesting references, ask the provider to add specific information so that it reflects their relationship with you and clearly highlights your unique capabilities and strengths.


6. Rushing through the application

We know that applications are a lot of work. You may be under a lot of pressure, but give yourself time. Take the time to think through the questions and how you can showcase your story in each response. Not rushing through your application will allow you to create a clear narrative.


7. Missing deadlines

Deadlines can change. Always keep an eye on the deadlines so that you don’t miss that important date.


8. Not reading the instructions

Too often, our partner institutions receive applications where instructions haven’t been followed. Take the time to ensure you are eligible for the program you are applying to. Do you meet all of the qualifications? Are you applying for the correct year? Are you sending your information to the right department? This is a critical step. Making a mistake with the instructions could take you out of the game until next year.


mistakes scholarship applicants make
mistakes scholarship applicants make


9. Ruling yourself out

Come into the application process confident. Our partner institutions want to know your vision for the future. Showcase your talents, academic performance and achievements. Your journey starts with showcasing not just what you’ve accomplished but who you are and how you aspire to shape the world.



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