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The process Ghana nurses use to travel outside to work easily

Ghana nursesGhana nurses

The process Ghana nurses use to travel outside to work easily

Ghana Nurses have the opportunity to travel outside the country to work abroad easily. The process that Ghana nurses use to travel outside is very simple and straight to the point.



First of all, the nurse must write and pass an English proficiency test. Particularly, the nurse must write IELTS.


The English proficiency test ensures the nurse is able to communicate appropriately with the patients to ensure smooth service delivery


Clearance from the Ministry of Health (MoH)

Any nurse from Ghana who wishes to travel outside must obtain the necessary clearance from the Ministry of Health.


The clearance from the Ministry of Health is to ensure nurses who are under a bond with the country do not evade their bond.


The bonds normally involve whether a nurse has exhausted serving their mandatory service after study leave.


In the past, newly recruited nurses were denied their opportunity to travel because they were perceived to be under bond after taking student allowances during training.


However, Ministry of Health’s demand for newly trained nurses to service after school has been relaxed due to the lack of employment in the country.


However, employed nurses in the country who took study leave must exhaust their bond before traveling abroad to work.


Clearance from the Nurse and Midwives Council

Ghana nurses who want to travel outside to work must also clear themselves with the Nurses and Midwives Council.


This is to ensure that only competent nurses without any disciplinary or without any issue relating to practice, get the chance to travel to work.


Clearance from GRNMA or Union

The nurses’ union must clear the nurse before he or she can travel to work outside. This clearance is mostly related to whether the nurse owe the union any loan.


The nurse must therefore pay all outstanding loan before obtaining this clearance.


Police clearance

The Ghana Police must clear the nurse. This is to ensure the nurse has not criminal record. The implication for this clearance is, therefore, obvious.


Tb test

Ghana nurses who want to travel to the UK to work must test themselves for Tuberculosis. Those who are positive are not allowed to work in UK hospitals


Arranged visa Ghana nurses

Some health facilities arrange visas for qualified candidates. However, the applicant must arrange his or her visa in some other instances depending on the policy of the institution.


Accommodations and insurance

Most health facilities provide accommodation for nurses. Also, insurance packages are provided to the applicants


Where Ghana nurses work in UK

Ghana nurses have the opportunity to work with the NHS (National Health Services), care homes, and private hospitals.


Ghana nurses
Ghana nurses

How Ghana nurses find nursing jobs in UK

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