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Nurses Allowance and Matters Arising/Have the Allowance been Scraped.

Nurses Allowance and Matters Arising/Have the Allowance been Scraped.

Nurses Allowance and Matters Arising/Have the Allowance been Scraped.



Are you preparing to go into nursing or you are alread one? Know about Nurses Allowance and Matters Arising/Have the Allowance been Scraped.

There are alot more happening under the scene as the nursing allowance is concerned. It may interest one to now why and how the payment of the nursing allowance came into existence.



Before 2008 there was no value for nursing in the country. Nursing was seen as a female-oriented field. No man will dream of going into nursing. Even majority of the females do not want to go there. Their salary structure was also poor. Until 2008 when the wife of the president Agyekum Kuffour became a nurse.



This brought attention into the nursing fraternity. The president increase the salary of nurses and even that people are not willing to go into nursing. The authorities then brought the idea of introducing allowance to persuade people to enter into the nursing school.





At the begining they introduced free education into nursing and afterwards takes allowance at the end of every month. This forced people into nursing schools and today we have more than enough nurses in the system. Now, as part of the campaign promise of the NDC 2016 was that, the nursing allowance should be cancelled  because we now have more than neccessary nurses of which those who completed four years ago are still sitting at home. Due to this, 2017 butch of nurses did not enjoy any allowance since the aim was to cancel it.



Lo and behold NDC loss the election and NPP promised to restore it. Now the nurses study degree as well as the governing Board did not understand why allowance should be given to diploma nurses to the neglection of degree nurses. This actually created abit tension.



Due to all these the government is now unable to say ‘I have cancelled the allowance’ because, he promised to restore it. Since there is no enough money to pay allowance of both degree and diploma nurses, they left the situation like that. Roll nurses and staff nurse in the house are still having their allowance not paid. They are owning some for 3months, 6months and others 8months.



So for now, if you are going to the nursing school make your mind that there is no allowance for you. So you can save alot for your school since nursing is expensive.



The important issues are; the employment and the service allowance. Those who completed last year, they did their service for almost 8 to 9 months before they paid them their service aalowance. Even they have to demonstrate before they pay them.



I will advice that as a student nurse be creative and learn to creat online job for yourself either on YouTube or a blogger on google aside the nursing. So that by the time you complete you can do without concentrating much on posting. If this happen you can wait for even ten years for postings and it will Not affect you. See what this nurse has for us.



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