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Teachers urged to invest time in technology to make technology education part of students lives.

Teachers urged to invest time in technology

Teachers urged to invest time in technology to make technology education part of students lives.





Technology has come to stay hence Teachers urged to invest time in technology to build the capacity of students to be fully facilitators but not passive spectators or liabilities.


The Deputy Head of information Security Department of Bank of Ghana, Dr. Samuel Senyo Okae has urged all stakeholders especially teachers to reconsider technology education as the ultimate way of life hence prepare themselves in it and transfer such insightfulness and its impacting technological knowledge to their students.



He believed, that will be the sole rout for adding value to their lives to help breach the gab of employment deficit and under development.


Dr. Samuel Senyo made these pronouncement during the Akuapemman  School 12th Day Founder’s Day Memorial lecture in Akuapem North in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The Theme was ‘ Celebrating Acheampong’s Effort towards Human Development”


He added that, it is high time stalkeholders rethink of making sure all schools have internet connectivity. He believe this will make it easier and faster for teachers to use diversifying means of help students to pinpoint their skills and develop them significantly. Again, he said if this is properly done students will not necessarily relay on the state for employment. He sited an example that, almost the developed countries we see today used technology as the ultimate means for their development.


He advised that teachers should constantly build themselves in technology so that they can do something a little to help their students in terms of technology enhancement. To him our schools dont have proper handles to ensure quality technology teaching and learning  but as tutors we should do what we can to help these young once till government maximizes technology in schools.



In his submission, he said technology is not limited to a particular age group. It can be used across all levels. Attention was shitted to the billions of jobs created on the internet with the aid of technology. The internet is a vast space that can employ every body in the whole world, He added. What is important is getting  the requisite skills to function  there.


The headmaster of the school Richard Koranteng Afari also urge the students to continue the legacy of Opoku Acheampong in terms of his mission and vision for human resources development especially in this 21st century. He said human resource development is keen in personal development.

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