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Serious Dangers Of Self Medication With Antibiotics

Serious Dangers Of Self Medication With Antibiotics

Dangers Of Self Medication With Antibiotics : Antibiotics are the medicines used for killing or inhibiting growth of other bacteria. There are guidelines and recommendations for using specific antibiotics for specific conditions and doctor is the right person to decide right antibiotic for your condition, So not the person in Chemist.

If specific antibiotic worked for you last time it does not mean that it will always work because there are different types of bacteria causing infection, it may not be the same every time.

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Many times antibiotics are used for common cold or viral infection where these medicines are not useful.This is misuse of antibiotic./ Dangers Of Self Medication With Antibiotics

Apart from side effects, the major concern with self medication of antibiotic is risk of increasing resistance.

Bacteria are very smarter than human being. They quickly learn how to grow in the presence of antibiotic. When next time antibiotic is taken, it may not work. Thus, self consumption of antibiotic increases the risk of resistance, and it is in our hands to prevent it.

The risk of resistance is not only for the person himself but also to the society. If a person excretes resistant bacteria, the same bacteria can infect other person.

If this continues for long time, patients and doctors both would find it very difficult to treat simple infections. Stop misusing antibiotic,avoid self medication with antibiotic.

Contribute in prevention of the menace of antibiotic resistance by sending this article to everyone./ Dangers Of Self Medication With Antibiotics

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