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Effects of Smoking on the Skin

Effects of Smoking on the Skin

Effects of Smoking on the Skin : Tobacco contains many harmful substances, of which many are carcinogens and mutagens.Smoking has been associated with lung cancer, heart disease and many cancers.

Some effects of smoking on skin are: smoking can cause premature aging of the skin, delayed wound healing and skin infections.

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People who smoke tend to be more infected with inflammatory skin diseases than people who do not smoke and they also respond to treatment more poorly than non – smokers.

Effects of Smoking on the Skin

Smoking can affect both skin and mucous membranes. It can cause discoloration of the teeth, yellowing of the nails and fingers.

1. Smoking causes dry skin, saggy jaw, facial wrinkles, uneven skin pigmentation. Smoking can make the skin of a 40 year old smoker resemble that of a 70 year old non – smoker.

2. Smoking also slows the body’s ability to heal itself by decreasing blood flow and inhibiting inflammation. This can cause an increased risk of infections and persistent wounds.

3. It also causes severe skin diseases such as psoriasis, systemic lupus erythematous, pustulosis and many more.

The carcinogens in cigarettes increase the smoker’s risk of developing a variety of cancers, especially skin cancers.

Smoking has many effects and life threatening effects. Consult your doctor if you need assistance in quitting smoking./ Effects of Smoking on the Skin

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