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6 Facts About Contraceptives You Must Know.

6 Facts About Contraceptives You Must Know.

Facts About Contraceptives You Must Know: Contraceptives are medications used to prevent unwanted pregnancy.
Many women including men chooses contraceptives without knowing any facts about them. Some contraceptives have additional benefits beside it preventing unwanted pregnancy and some are also not good for people with some chronic diseases. This article will enable you to know which type of contraceptive is best for you.

Here are some facts you need to know about contraceptives

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1. Mineral oil based v*g*n*l formulations (eg cleocin v*g*n*l cream, vagistat 1, femstat and monistat v*g*n*l suppositories) can decrease the barrier strength of latex. This can render condoms ineffective in preventing pregnancy./ Facts About Contraceptives You Must Know

2. Combine Oral Contraceptives have so many health benefits apart from preventing pregnancy. some include:

a. Improves menstrual cramps and ovulatory pain

b. Improve menstrual regularity

c.Reduces iron deficiency anaemia

d. Reduces the risk of ovarian cancer

e. Minimizes the risk of ovarian cysts and ectopic pregnancy.

f. Reduces pelvic inflammatory disease

g. Reduces the risk of uterine fibroids. / Facts About Contraceptives You Must Know

Stop the use of combined contraceptives if

a. You have migraines,smokes

b. You are diabetic

c. You are hypertensive

d. You are a breastfeeding mother.

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