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Lifestyle That Causes Liver Disease

Lifestyle That Causes Liver Disease

Lifestyle That Causes Liver Disease : The liver is the largest internal organs. The liver  performs numerous important functions, such as

1. Detoxifying fat

2. The liver filters the blood and removes waste substances from the blood

3. Breakdown alcohol

4. The liver breaks down drugs in the body

5. The liver stores vitamins and minerals and releases them when the body needs them.

6. The liver also excretes hormones.

7. The liver also regulates blood sugar./ Lifestyle That Causes Liver Disease

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The functions of the liver are not limited to these. One cannot live without a liver, and it’s very difficult to get a liver transplant since each one has just one liver and also the cost involved. That is why you need to take good care of your liver and avoid a lifestyle that causes Liver disease to improve your liver health.

Signs and symptoms of liver disease

1. Fatigue

2. Irritability

3. Pain in the right upper region of the abdomen

4. Dark urine

5. Light colored stool

6. Itchy skin

7. Nausea and vomiting.

Lifestyle habits that cause liver disease

The liver is surrounded with a layer of fat. Though it’s normal for fat to accumulate around the liver, too much fat accumulation around the liver is unhealthy and has a serious complication.

1. Smoking: Smoking has a negative effect on the liver.

2. The liver excretes alcohol from the body. So, the more you consume alcohol, the more you put pressure on your liver cells.

3. Lack of exercise: Exercise helps to burn excess fat. Lack of exercise makes fat accumulate in the liver. Lack of exercise also makes one become obese, and obesity also contributes to liver disease.

4. A high fat diet: High fat diets accumulates around the liver and begin to impede it’s functions and also affect the cells of the liver/  Lifestyle That Causes Liver Disease

5. Diabetes

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