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Signs That You Are Eating Too Much Sugar

Signs That You Are Eating Too Much Sugar

Signs that you are eating too much sugar : Sugar is a compulsory ingredient in many diets
and have you measured the quantity of sugar you are taking in daily basis ? Sugar intake is on the rise and it can be challenging to know how much you are supposed to take in a daily basis. But some signs and symptoms can alert you that you are consuming too much sugar, Some of them include;

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1. Difficulty sleeping

2. Craving for more sweet

3. Weaken immune system

4. Feeling tired all the time

5. Constant cavities and poor oral health

6. Weight gain

7. Constant High blood pressure

8. Poor skin health

9. Irritability or depression. / Signs that you are eating too much sugar

10. Frequent hunger

11. Unexplained bloating

Consuming too much sugar has very serious complications , minimise your sugar intake.

Some hidden side effects of su willgar are

1. Consuming too much sugar can make you depressed. Eating too much sugar raises your sugar level quickly, and this gives you a quick burst of energy. When your cells absorbs the sugar and your sugar levels drop, you feel jittery and anxious. So, the more you eat sugar, the more you become anxious as your sugar levels drop and this can lead to depression over time.

2. Consuming too much sugar causes or worsens joint pain. Eating a lot of sugar causes or worsens joint pains because sugar causes inflammation in the body. Studies also show that eating too much sugar can cause rheumatoid arthritis./ Signs that you are eating too much sugar

3. Eating a lot of sugar can affect your liver. When sugar is consumed, the fructose part of it is processed in the liver. Hence, the more you consume it, the pressure you put on your liver to process it and this can affect your liver cells

4. Too much sugar can affect your heart health. When you eat a lot of sugar, the extra insulin in your bloodstream can cause the walls of the arteries in your body to become inflamed, become thicker than normal and also become stiff. This stresses your heart and damages it over time.

5. Eating of too much sugar can make your body organs fat.

6. Consumption of too much sugar increases cholesterol levels.

7. Abusing sugar consumption disables your appetite control.

8. Causes obesity

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