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Causes Of  Bad Breath (Halitosis)

Causes Of  Bad Breath (Halitosis)

Causes Of  Bad Breath : Halitosis is an oral condition characterized by a bad breath. Halitosis is very embarrassing and may even lead to anxiety. Bad breath which is persistent is as a result of the presence of bacteria in the mouth. These bacteria break down the starch and sugar in the food you eat and produce gases that causes the smell in your mouth.
However, halitosis can be a signal of underlying health condition , tooth decay or a gum disease./ Causes Of  Bad Breath

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Since it’s always difficult to notice your own bad breath, it’s good to surround yourself with honest and nonjudgmental people who can inform you without intimidating you.

Finding the cause of Halitosis is the first step towards treating this preventable disease.

Some Conditions That Can Cause Halitosis are,

1. Sinusitis : Inflammation of the sinuses.

2. Dry mouth (Xerostomia): When there is a decrease in saliva production, the mouth cannot clean itself and remove food debris from the mouth.
Dry mouth can be caused by always breathing through the mouth instead of the nose, salivary gland disorder, some medications./ Causes Of  Bad Breath

3. Diabetes

4. Kidney disease

5. Liver disease

6. Bronchitis: Inflammation of the tubes in which air passes in to the lungs.

7. Gastrointestinal disorders such as Gastro oesophageal disease (GERD)/ Causes Of  Bad Breath

8. Oral cancer

9. Irritated gum

10. Loss of ability to taste.

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