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Lifestyle causes of double vision that you can do something about

Causes of double visonCauses of double vison

Lifestyle causes of double vision that you can do something about

There are lifestyle causes of double vision that you can do something about. This means the individual can help reverse the conditions. Double vision is simply a situation where a person sees two images of the same object. The individual usually knows that the double vision is taking place.


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The double vision condition is called Diplopia. Double vision can take place in only one eye. Double vision can also occur in both eyes.


Double vision is an unpleasant phenomenon among people. People become very concerned about sight. Apart from their sight, people become unhappy and worry about their general wellbeing. Fortunately, the majority of the causes of double vision are caused by personal lifestyles. The personal lifestyles that promote double vision can be altered by the individual to improve his or her sight.


Double vision (Diplopia) can be relatively permanent or temporal. Below is the list of the lifestyle causes of double vision.

1. Fatigue.

2. Stress.

3. Intoxication.

4. Standing up too quickly.

5. Low blood sugar.

6. Trauma or injury.

7. Major infection, such as shingles (herpes zoster


Causes of recurring double vision (double vision comes and goes)

1. Side effects of certain medications

2. High blood pressure

3. Previous trauma

4. Migraine headaches

5. Complications of diabetes

6. Eye muscle problems such as strabismus

7. Cornea problems such as dry eye syndrome or astigmatism

8. Lens problems such as cataracts


Causes of constant double vision

1. Head or brain injury

2. Brain tumor

3. Aneurysm

4. Stroke

5. Myasthenia gravis

6. Multiple sclerosis

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