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Cancers Caused by Alcohol Consumption

Cancers Caused by Alcohol Consumption

Drinking alcohol does not mean you will by all means get cancer, but drinking alcohol increases one’s risk of developing certain cancers than someone who doesn’t drink alcohol. Cancers caused by alcohol consumption depend on your age and genetics. It’ advisable to stop or cut down your alcohol consumption, especially if you have a family history of cancer. Knowing the types of cancers caused by alcohol consumption and cutting down on your alcohol consumption is necessary since cancer is a very serious and fatal disease.

Drinking alcohol can cause seven (7) different types of cancers. Know the types of cancers caused by alcohol consumption to avoid them.

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The types of cancers caused by alcohol consumption

1. Eosophageal or food pipe cancer: A cancer that affects the oesophagus that’s the long tube that connects the throat to the stomach./ Cancers Caused by Alcohol Consumption

2. Breast cancer: A type of cancer that affects the breast. This type of cancer is common in females.

3. Bowel cancer: Bowel cancer is a type of cancer that affects the bowels. It’s also called colon or rectal cancer depending on it’s location.

4. Liver cancer: Drinking alcohol can cause liver cirrhosis and cause scars to damage the liver tissue and then lead to liver cancer.

5. Pharyngeal or wind pipe cancer: This is a cancer that affects the wind pipe.

6. Laryngeal or voice box cancer: This type of cancer affects the voice box and this can lead to the removal of the voice box.

7. Mouth cancer also called oral cancer affects the oral cavity, this includes the whole part of the mouth you see when you open your mouth wide.

How Alcohol Consumption Causes cancer

1. Alcohol causes changes in hormones: Alcohol increases the production of some hormones such as Oestrogen, which is responsible for breast cancer.

2. Causing damage to cells: When you drink alcohol, the body converts it into a chemical which damages your cells and also prevents cells from repairing this damage.

3. Alcohol makes the cells in the mouth and throat more susceptible to absorb harmful substances, this makes it easier for cancer, causing substances such as those found in cigarette smoking to get access to the cells in the mouth and throat to cause cancer of the mouth and /or the throat.

4. Alcohol makes the body less able to break down and absorb important food nutrients that protect the body against cancer cells such as vitamin A, C, D and E.

5. Alcohol contains calories and consuming extra calories increases weight gain and weight gain also increases one’s risk of developing cancer.

It’s the alcohol itself that causes cancer, so all alcoholic drinks put you at risk of developing cancer, be it wine or beer./ Cancers Caused by Alcohol Consumption

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