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Scent leaf shockingly health benefits

Scent leaf shockingly health benefits which pricks cognitive awakening

Scent leaf shockingly health benefits : I wish to congratulate Scent leaf for the good works it has been doing. Please keep up the good works. I will however like to draw your attention to these pertinent disorders, militating against your recognition by some people which i believed has escaped their attention. Scent leaf shockingly health benefits you should know.


Aside the nice and romantic smell of this wonderful plant, it plays medicinal role in the lives of the users.
This plant is native to Africa and Asia. It can be boiled and used as tea or blended for soups and stews.

It is sometimes refered to as “The Fever Plant”. It is compounded with the mixture of various compounds. It improves health and promotes vitality by enhancing immune system responds. Scent leaf is a multi purpose plant./ Scent leaf shockingly health benefits

Adhere  to inculcating this plant into your daily life and reap the underlisted benefits.


1. It cures cold and catarrh

Scent leaf is the Goliath of herbs. Take pepper soup with scent leaf and your cold or catarrh will evaporate in no time. You can also drink it at tea, half a disposable cup (small) thrice daily.


2. As mosquito repellents and casting of evil spirits./ Scent leaf shockingly health benefits

Do you know that, having this plant around your house scares off insects including mosquitoes?
Yes! You now know. Scent leaf does not only reduce the population of mosquitoes in your environment, but  also does same to flies.

Pluck a handful of scent leaves and deposit them at targeted areas. People also believe that, having scent leaves in your room cast away devilish or demonic agents.

It prevents bad dreams when kept under your pillow. It is also known to stop Reincarnation when the death child is buried with scent leaf. In this case, Reincarnation experienced by the mother will be halted.


3. Lowering blood sugar levels

It contains calcium and magnesium which are the key elements and minerals towards lowering blood sugar level. It enhances insulin production and suppresses the duplication of abnormal cells. It also eliminates unnecessary or  unhealthy fat from the blood.


4. It treated stomach ache, dysentery and diarrhoea. / Scent leaf shockingly health benefits

Scent leaf tea calms the bowels. It helps evacuate bowels of any unusual happenings. By doing this, it ease stomach ache, stop the action of oncho vulvulus responsible for causing onchocerciasis as well as vibro cholera from causing cholera. One must note that, plants or herbs do not work as fast as chemical drugs, hence, it is alway better to feed on them during your healthy state.


5. Aids digestion.

Do you have boated stomach due to accumulation of gases or you have stomach upset?
Worry not, instead of going in for aluminium hydroxide Al(OH)3 or magnesium trisilicate (Mg2O8Si3) why not grab scent leaf. It can do the magic for you. Boil it and use it as tea or blend a handful of the fresh leaves, add water, filter and add a pinch of sugar or honey and you are good to go.


7. It regulates body temperature and also eliminate bad breath.

Research has it that, chewing the stem of the scent leaf fights bad breath. It destroys bacterial in the mouth causing bad breath. It also promotes dental health by preventing plaque, tooth decay and periodontal diseases.


How does it regulate body temperature? It enhances the osmoregulatory function ot the skin, the kidney as well as the liver. This mechanisms help to keep the internal body temperature at its normal level./ Scent leaf shockingly health benefits

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