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Do not be Sad! You can rewrite your story

Don’t be sad. You can rewrite your story

The moon moves slowly but until day breaks, it crosses the sky. Where there is determination, failure can never dismantle the flag of success. Do not live your life to please anyone. Are you down in Life? Do you want to give up in life? Sometimes, it seems there is no hope for you?

Life is a misery! Life is a game, play it. Life is a puzzle Solve it! Life is war, fight it. Life today is the survival of the fittest.

Don’t be sad. You can rewrite your story

Personal problems.

At times, the world seems to be a hell for you. No one cares about you, yes! the rock in the middle of the sea does not know how dry the land is! Those you trust most will disappoint you the worst. People who can stop you from crying actually make you cry. This has brought discomfort and frustration to you. One secret you should know is that, people only celebrate and jubilate your success but careless about your struggles. Trust in your self, keep on pushing, love yourself, don’t think someone else can offer love to you better and make you happy. If this is your goal, you Will always be disappointed. It’s possible You have done alot for people, thinking that, “he who throws stones to others, ask for rocks in return, but it’s not so nowadays, those people can seriously be plotting for your down fall. Some may claim to love and care for you  but ironically, they are thorns in your blood. You should understand that, the back turn of a lion is not a sign of sarrunder, it is to persevere, gather momentum to crash and destroy  the prey. Becareful of people you are closer to. This should not prevent you from doing good to people. Do good to people only from the bottom of your heart. Not because you may be expecting something from them tomorrow. Try to be prayerful. Motivate yourself. Cut off friends who will not bring progress to your life. Some friends only establish parasitism and commensalism associations with you neglecting munctualism. Becareful with those people.

Don’t be sad. You can rewrite your story

For sure, never think harming yourself because of  your life situation. Despite your problems, be strong. People have experience worse issues than you are experiencing. Have you turned to a drunkerd, a smoker or the like,  because of how life treated you?

you can rewrite your story. Come on, no one can make you happy unless your very self. Even your mother and father can’t help you, they can only guide you. Change your mind set. We have people who are blind but have hope that tomorrow will be better, People who have no legs to walk but are happier in that situation.  is it because of the so called boy friend or girl friend of yours who stopped with you? Never beg some one to love you. Allow him or her to go. That will pave way for better and clearer opportunities.

Don’t be sad. You can rewrite your story.

Or is it because you could not pass your exams, you think you are useless? Is it because people are saying you are useless so  you agree to that and cry overnight? ooh sorry! my brother, my sister.


We have reached a stage where moving forward is perilous, moving backwards is cowardice and remaining still is sucidal.

Butt we shall percevere, our abilities lie in our determinations and the will to fight. Out emunitions lie in the use of the brain. He who has much wins the day.

Listen to this, we have people that life treated them badly. Those without parents think that, their life would have been better if they had met their parents. We have people living with their parents and are humiliated and tortured by same parents.


whom do you trust? Don’t think of harming your self. If you die today, life will still go on.

Family problems

What are the family problems hunting you? Is it that the family is pressuring you to marry because your mates are getting married! Are you constantly thinking about this issue? forget and stop worrying about issues like this.


Know that Gods time is the Best. It is better to be single and happy than to rush and enter a hell called marriage.

Is it because your siblings or children have disappointed you? Some have given birth without husbands or wives or you yourself is a victim. Has some one you care for most divorced you? Is it that there is no peace in the family.? You are not alone.

Don’t be sad. You can rewrite your story

Family crises

Crises are events that bring about major disorganization of one’s self or family. You may ask questions like; why me! What should I do? Stop blaming your self when facing a challenge. Be emotionally strong,


mentally alert and morally upright. The brain works per stimulus collected from the environment by sensory neurons. Negative taughts will deform you and positive ones will transform you.

What to do if you are down or there is a problem.

@Accept that there is a challenge and accept the way you feel in the situation. No need blaming your self or some one at this time.

@plan ahead as how to solve the crises.

@ Allow for effective communication so as to gather ideas to solve the problem.

@ you can talk to trusted people about the situation but becareful people are not to be trusted. It is better to talk to a trusted parent or  unknown person who does not know your back ground.

@ be active in religious activities and be inspired.

  1. Don’t be sad. You can rewrite your story

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