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Very Urgent authorization Message from WAEC to 2022 Private BECE candidates

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Very Urgent authorization Message from WAEC to 2022 Private BECE candidates.


Note and comply to very urgent authorization message from WAEC.  The West African Examinations Council, Ghana Charter deem it very necessary to inform all Private Basic Education Certificate Examination Candidates to take this mandatory step.


The update is directly linked to The Computerized School Selection and Placement System under Ghana Education Service.


There is a press release  Message from GES Headquarters giving unexcusable authorization to all 2022 Private BECE candidates as a matter of needful, the online portal is set and currently ready for their school selection to proceed.


Very Urgent authorization Message from WAEC

They are therefore asking the candidate to log into the portal for the selection of schools of their choices amicable. No cock and bull stories are to be taken into consideration. A short period is given for the corrections to be done.


Ghana Education Service is therefore taxing the general public to continuously forward this message for every candidate to be informed before 21st December, 2022. This should happen to pave way for programming.


As the current BECE candidates are aegerly waiting for their results to take the next step of climbing the educational ladder, this step must kick of by private candidates. They are entreating candidate to visit for the adulteration to be made. However, the releasing of the 2022 BECE results is peeping at a corner and  kept on rolling. All examiners across the country are to submit all marked scripts to WAEC before the close of work tomorrow, 14th December, 2022. This signifies that the marking of BECE is still ongoing on untill tomorrow.


Since tomorrow is the closing date for the marking, it is possible for one to expect the releasing of the BECE results  on 28th December, 2022 to first week of January 2023.

  1. Very Urgent authorization Message from WAEC

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