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Without IELTS: 10 Best Taiwan Scholarships & 10 Romania Scholarships

Taiwan scholarshipsTaiwan scholarships

10 Best Taiwan Scholarships Without IELTS for International Students

Applications are welcome from qualified and interested applicants to apply for the 10 best Taiwan scholarships to pursue their undergraduate, graduate different courses and Ph.D.

List of best 10 Taiwan Scholarships

1. Government of Taiwan Scholarships for International Students

2. Aletheia University Scholarships for International Students

3. International Graduate Scholarships for International Students at National Taiwan University

4. MOE Taiwan Scholarships for International Students

5. Financial Assistance Grant for international students

6. Asia University Scholarships for International Students

7. Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology Scholarships for International Students

8. Chang Gung University Scholarships for International Students

9. CGU Academic Scholarships for International Students

10. Distinctive performance Scholarships for International Students


Different deadline for each program. Candidates can use expired scholarship as a guide to prepare for the next application window.


Taiwan scholarships

Top 10 Scholarships in Romania With/Without IELTS for Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD.

There are scholarships in Romania that are available to international applicants to study at all levels in Romania. Applicants to Romanian universities have the opportunity to be considered for available scholarships.


Romania is a country located in southeastern Europe. The capital is Bucharest.


The education system in Romania is tuition free and based egalitarian system.



The deadline for each scholarship vary even by the programs at each university

Below are the top ten scholarships

1. Romanian Government scholarships for international students

2. Excellence scholarship for international students

3. Ministry of Economy, Energy and Business Environment scholarship for international students

4. CEEPUS scholarships for international students

5. Fullbrights cholarships for US citizens

6. University of Bucharest scholarships for international students

7. Transilvania academics scholarships for international students

8. Romanian ministry of foreign affairs scholarships for international students

9. Romanian ministry of Education and Research scholarships for international students

10. Erasmus grant for international students

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