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BECE 2022/2023 School Placement has been released now.

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2022/2023 School Placement has been released.

BECE 2022/2023 School Placement has been released now.


It clearly states that, the  2022/2023 School Placement has been released. Ghana Education Service through Education Ministry has finally released the Computerized School Selection and Placement System for 2022/2023 BECE candidates.



Students are therefore authorized as a matter of urgency to amicably go through the placement system a fast as possible to abreast with the reporting date which kick off 20th February 2023, Monday.



The summary of the placement spells out like this:
The total number of candidates who hard automatically been placed by Ghana Education Service Decentralized Computerized School Selection and Placement System is approximately sixty-nine percent (69%) representing 372, 780. Mean while a total number of students who successfully immerged from the Basic Education Certificate Examination was 547, 329. About one hundred and sixty five thousand, six hundred and one the of candidates need to do self placement.


372, 780 candidates were placed automatically and successfully by the CSSPS. 165, 601 students could not be placed hence are forced to go through self placement. The website will be life soon.

The rest of the candidates who did not get placement are been advised to follow the concrete lay down procedures to do  self placement before the system closes down.


Before you can undergo through placement  successfully, it is therefore mandatory for the individual to pay for placement checker in order to go ahead to check the placement.



Care must be taken when consulting individuals for placement checkers to avoid fraudulent interruptions. Do not consult any person to buy placement checker. If you do that, you are doing it in your own risk.



Note the System is down Now you can come back later

Steps in checking placement;

1. Log into  to initiate the checking

2. Select the placement type

3.enter your index number and e-voucher pin

4. Your school will poop

5. Print out and the form and go to your school for manual admission



Buy Placement Checker Here

How to buy placement checker
1. Visit htts://
2. Afterwards, go ahead to click on Buy code
3. Choose SHS option and e-voucher type
4. Key in your mobil money number
And choose the network type.
5. Enter email
6. Select the number of voucher you want
7. Select on buy



Self placement

1. After buying your placement checker;




2. Residential preference

3. School

4. Programme of choice

5. Click on Submit

6. Print the form and visit the school to begin the admission process

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