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A year Two SHS student Impregnated his ICT Madam.

A year Two SHS student Impregnated his ICT Madam

A year Two SHS student Impregnated his ICT Madam.



One is forced to believe that the most trended natural phenomenon so far in schools is ‘male teacher impregnating student’ The flashback is total different and directly opposite of the norm.



According to a report on Ghapage, A year Two SHS student Impregnated his ICT Madam who just completed a reputable university. For the sake of preventing character of defamation the name of the institution was not mentioned.



This young and vibrant ICT madam started her National Service in the said School. Upon learning about effective classroom management in the university, this young and succulent looking teacher wanted to inculcate that methodology into her teaching.



In view of that she became very close to the students and was funny to hang around with. The student took this as a yardstick to develop an extra ordinary love for her both in class and outside the classroom.



Guess what? This teacher was so naive thinking that what ever you learn from the university must be practicalized in the school with the intention of gaining favour over her colleagues in case employment opportunity peep out in the school.



This mind set was massaging this new teacher to sacrifice wholeheartedly for the school. But as third law of motion may say ” in every Action, there is Equal and Opposite Reaction” What a tragedy-comedy! Unfortunately for the madam, she stays closer to the school.



This actually invited the students into her house every now and then. One day, philip A.K.A. “iidey pain them” visited the madam with the mission that he needs advice and word of encouragement from the madam since life has treated him badly.



According to Philip, he lost both parents in a terrible car accident which is inversely proportional to him halting education. “iidey Pain them” started weeping as he narrates his story. The madam was so touched and sorrowful hence she held Philip while advising him. Philip with his camouflage gesture held the madam too. As the advise was going on Plilip’s hand started moving gently around the breast of The madam.



Aaaaa! The sudden thing happened. One month after this incident “early morning sickness” started to set in. The madam upon visiting the hospital was tested positive for pregnancy. Big Shame! The madan is now thinking of abortion so as to continue her National Service.


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Her service will be ending this August -September. The madam is now seeking for Advice!

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A year Two SHS student Impregnated his ICT Madam

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