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Cassava Madness: Cassava is very Dangerous than you think!

Cassava Madness: Cassava is very Dangerous than you think!

Cassava Madness: Cassava is very Dangerous than you think!






Cassava Madness: Cassava is very Dangerous than you think!

Cassava is a root tuber crop which initially uses one year to complete its life cycle but due to transformation like budding.  Per premitive research, before colonization there was no cassava on African continent.




The cassava-like plant that was in existent before colonialism was perceived as a strong magical plant which produces no tuber. It was very poisonous to the highest degree why because of the high content of cyaide in that cassava hence was used in herbalism, spiritism and in sympathetic magic.



Africans used to be extreamly united  people hence their defeat was not easy. As the colonial masters taught of ways of taking control over Africa, they deduced that, cynaide is one of the substances that can change the neuron plasticity of the brain. This will reduce the natural love and care people have with each other and also reduce their connection with devine nature.




The colonial masters went and tested and aproved cassava in Garifuna in Caribbean The Portugese started pumping cassava to Africa to help them achieve their mission in Africa. When Africans started eating cassava, At the shortest point in time, the brain chemistry of Africans started to change over time. People started developing hatred for each other.



Raw cassava has so much cynaide that makes the neroun receptors to transmit wrong and nagetive stimulus to the brain. Even though the leaves and tubers of cassava have greater medicinal purposes the tubers are life threatening.


The name gari was gotten from the  Garifuna where the cassava was tested first. My good family, know that, one is not forcing you to stop eating cassava but that would have been the best. Preserving cassava into gari and konkonte is less harmful than the raw cassava. We you can not do without cassava then soak your fresh cassava for three days before using it for your fufu.



Currently, One can notice that almost every African country hugely depending on cassava for food, develops in in an  anticlockwise direction  leading to diseases like stroke, blindness, hypertension, impotency, etc



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