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GES Director Collapsed During the Independence day.Watch Video

GES Director Collapsed During the Independence day.Watch Video

GES Director Collapsed During the Independence day.Watch Video


Why did the GES Director Collapsed During the Independence day?Watch Video. Ghana Education service through the ministry of Education created the atmosphere they deem it vibrant to welcome the celebration of the 66th independence day across the sixteen Regions of the country.



It seemingly depicts that the work load on the part of Ghana Education Service directors were very hard and unfriendly. One could have not actually tell this untill after the terrible thing happened during the independence day.


What might have caused the Director to collapse? Every man born from a woman is fallible. Whiles some people believe that, the Director was suffering from chronic diseases Some also think it was out of an anxiety, stress and andropousal symptoms.



The clinical cause of the collapse was not known but the assumption on scientific point of view was that When the cerebration of the independence Day was at its highest peek, the electromagnetic waves from the vibrating musical instrument and other sound system might have caused the sudden collapse of the Director.


Mr. Philip Fredrick Alale who happened to be the District Director of Education for Garu in the Upper East Region was the GES Director victimized. According to the joy news, the Director was standing during the parade with his colleagues Directors. All of a sudden as if there was a super natural powers beneath, He started fumbling and vibrating and finally fell off on the ground.


With the courtesy of the security persons, he was quickly rushed to near by  hospital for immediate medical attention. The information gathered is that, he as fully recovered and kicking going on with hi usual mandates.


As humans as we are We are all not infallible. Watch the video for yourself. As humans as we are it is better we carry out self examination once in a while. As part your birth day, you can take that opportunity to do medical screening even if ones in a year. Lets take care of our self since your health is your wealth.


GES Director Collapsed During the Independence day.Watch Video

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