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Medical Surgical Nursing Education question and Answers.


Medical Surgical Nursing Education question and Answers.



Medical Surgical Nursing Education question and Answers.

Medical Surgical Nursing Education question and Answers.

1. Allen’s test is useful in evaluating?
A. Thoracic outlet compression
B. Presence of cervical rib
C. Integrity Of palomar arch
D. Digital blood flow






An. C. Integrity Of palomar arch

2.A patient is admitted in the hospital for diagnosis of suspected Hodgkin’s disease. Which of the following symptoms is observed?
A. Night sweat and weight loss
B. Non painful discharge of lymph nodes
C. Ascites
D. Both A and B






An. D. Both A and B

3. A nurse should teach patients that, the most common route of transmitting tubercle bacilli from person to person is through contaminated ?
A. Hands
B. Water
C. Dust particles
D. Droplet nuclei






An. D. Droplet nuclei
A contaminated Droplet nuclei by mycobacterium tuberculosis is responsible for the transmission from one person to another.



4. A patient is taking the prescribed dose of phenytoin (dilantin) to control seizures. Results of phenytoin blood level reveals a level of 35mcg/ml. Which of the following symptoms would be expected as a results of this lab results?
A. hypotension
B.slurred speech
C. Tachycardia
D. No symptom as the lab value is normal.






An. B.slurred speech
Do not constrain your patient during a seizure because the strong muscle contraction may injure him.



5. A nurse is caring for a patient who begins to experience seizure while in bed. Which of the following action by the nurse will be contraindicated?
A. Loosening restricted clothing
B. Positioning the patient to the side if possible
C. Restraining the patients limbs.
D. Removing the pillow and raising the padded side rails.






An. C.Restraining the patients limbs

6. During blood transfusion if hemolytic reaction occurs, the first nursing intervention should be

A. Slow the transfusion flow rate
B. Stop the blood transfusion
C. Notify the physician
D. Administer hydrocortisone






An. B. Stop the blood transfusion

7. inflammation at or near the insertion site with enema, pain and coolness at the site of drug administration are the manifestation of which IV complications?
A. Infection
B. Infiltration
C. Pressure ulcer
D.tissue necrosis






An. B. Infiltration

8. Fistula between v*gina and urethra is called?
A. Rectov*ginal fistula
B. Vasicov*ginal fistula
C. Urethrov*ginal fistula
D. Both A and B





An. An. C. Urethrov*ginal fistula

9. Which of the following tubes is used to control bleeding esophageal varices?

A. Rectal tube
B. Sengstaken-Blakemore tube
C. Miller- Abbott tube
D. Nasogastric tube






An. B. Sengstaken-Blakemore tube

10. Hepatic encephalopathy and hepatic coma can be prevented in a severe liver disease such as cirrhosis or liver failure by the use of?
A. Neomycin
B. Metronidazole
C. Augmentin
D. Acetaminophen






An. A. Neomycin

11. Which of the following is not a complication of portal hypertension?

A. Ascites
B. Gastroesophageal varices
C. Hepatic encephalopathy
D. Pancreatitis






An. D.Pancreatitis

12.which serotype of dengue virus more dangerous?
A. Type 1
B. Type 2
C. Type 3
D. Type 4






An. B.Type 2

13. Logrolling of a patient is done in case of ?
A. Rib fracture
B.Clavicle fracture
C. Spinal injury
D. Head injury






An. C. Spinal injury
Logrolling is done during spinal injury or suspected or documented spinal injury.



No14. A 43 year old female complains of headache and neck pains. Examination done by a nurse reveal s painful flexion of the neck to the chest (nuchal rigidity) this could be due to?
A. Meningitis
B. Transient ischemic attack
C. Subdural hemorrhage
D. Cerebrovascular accident.






An. A.Meningitis

15. Which of the following is an indicator of AIDS?
A. CD4 count greater than 900 cells/mm
B.CD4 coun less than 900 cells/mm
C.CD4 count greater than 500 cells/mm³
D.CD4 count less than 200 cells/mm³






An. D.CD4 count less than 200 cells/mm

A normal human has a CD4 count ranging from 500 to 1500. If CD4 count is less than 200, one is tested HIV positive.


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