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Phlegm Colour and Your Health

Phlegm Colour and Your Health

What the Colour of Your Phlegm Says About Your Health

Phlegm Colour and Your Health: Phlegm, also called sputum, when coughed out, is produced in the chest. The amount of phlegm produced is normally in smaller quantities unless you have a cold or an underlying condition before you will see them in larger quantities. Your phlegm color and your health status move together.

The respiratory system is lined with a lot of mucus membranes which removes bacteria, dirt or any foreign body from the respiratory track to protect the tissues in the respiratory tract. This mucus thickens and becomes phlegm.

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Phlegms can have different colors. The commonest ones are White phlegm,yellow phlegm, red phlegm, green phlegm, and clear phlegm. Your phlegm colour and your health are very important. / Phlegm Colour and Your Health

When you have a green Phlegm, it indicates that your body is fighting a serious viral infection using a strong immune response. This normally resolves on its own if you have a strong immune system or you take in a lot of vitamin C.

Antibiotics are not needed in this case since it’s a viral disease. But if you experience any difficulty with breathing, coughing out blood or any chest pains, you need to see your doctor immediately.

Yellow phlegm indicates that your body is fighting a mild infection. When this happens, you need to eat foods that contain vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system to help it fight the infection on time.

White phlegm does indicate that you have a Medical condition such as Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD) that’s narrow airways, viral bronchitis ( Inflammation of the wind pipe), Congestive heart failure, Acid reflux. / Phlegm Colour and Your Health

If you have any of the above types of phlegm,

1. Eat well

2. Drink a lot of water

3. Use a humidifier or a steamer for the moist air to soften the phlegm so that you can cough it out easily. Bacteria thrive well in it if not coughed out.

4. Have enough rest

5. Take honey with warm water

6. Gargle with warm salt water to soften the mucus

7. You can also drink lemon juice with warm water. Dilute the lemon juice with warm water to reduce the acid content in the lemon juice. / Phlegm Colour and Your Health

8. Quit or minimize smoking

9. Minimize stress

10. Always cover your mouth with tissue when coughing to avoid spreading it to your closed ones.

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