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Effect of Honey in Babies

Effect of Honey in Babies

Effect of Honey in Babies : Everyone knows that honey is a natural sweetener and has many important benefits in the body. Many parents replaces honey with sugar for their babies since honey is natural and have more health benefits than sugar but the focus is the effect of Honey in Babies.

The negative effect of Honey in Babies is that, honey can cause a serious food poisoning called botulism in babies under one year. Parents should be cautious with the type of foods they give to their babies, honey should be avoided in any form, either it’s added in bakery foods or any other form.

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Signs and Symptoms of Infant botulinum

When babies below One year are fed with honey, they gets exposed to a serious food poisoning called botulism caused by a bacterial spores called clostridium botulinum. This bacteria can grow and multiply in your babies intestines and cause a serious food poisoning called infant botulinum. Honey also is a sugar which can cause tooth decay in babies so avoiding it will also prevent the baby’s tooth from decaying. This infant botulinum is normally common in children below 12 months. This bacteria spores can also be found in soil or dust so don’t allow your baby below 12 months to play in soil or dust. But older children can take honey because their intestines develops a defense which inhibits the Clostridium botulinum spores from germinating and reproducing in their intestines, making honey safe for children above 13 months./ Effect of Honey in Babies

1. Muscle weakness

2. Difficulty swallowing

3. Double or blurred vision

4. Difficulty breathing

5. Slurred speech

6. Dropping eyelid

7. Drooling. / Effect of Honey in Babies

8. Weak cry.

9. Poor feeding

10 . Lethargy

11. Nausea and vomiting

12. Dry mouth

13. Constipation

14. Poor feeding

Botulism can be very life threatening and can cause serious health complications such as paralysis, respiratory failure, paralytic ileus./ Effect of Honey in Babies

Children above 13 months can take honey since their intestines are able to produce a defense against the bacteria Clostridium botulinum without causing any harm or disease to them.

Honey contains a lot of important health benefits, hence don’t deny your child when he/she is 13 months and above./ Effect of Honey in Babies

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