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Ways to Reduce Tummy After C-section

Ways to Reduce Tummy After C-section

Ways to reduce tummy after C- Section: Most women try their best to have a flat or sizable tummy, but the story changes after childbirth, especially with cesarean- section mothers. Mothers who deliver v*gin*ly are able to bind their tummy right after delivery, but the story is different when it comes to cesarian – section mothers. C- Section mothers aren’t able to bind their tummy after delivery due to the wound and pain they go through, but there are ways to reduce your  tummy after C – Section.

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During pregnancy, your body produces hormones, and the tissues in your body also accumulate fluid to be able to cope with the new changes in your body. The uterus also expands to be able to contain the fetus, you also put on weight. All these account for the increase in tummy size after delivery.

Your uterus contracts after delivery and returns to it’s normal size, but this takes between 6-8 weeks, so you need to give yourself some time. Do not worry so much if your tummy is not returning to it’s normal size on time./ Ways to reduce tummy after C- Section

Mothers who deliver through v*gin* bind their stomach whilst this becomes a headache for C- section mothers, but there are ways to reduce tummy after C – Section.

Some ways to reduce the tummy after C – Section are

1. Drink lemon water : Add lemon juice to lukewarm water and honey. This can help to burn belly fat.

2. Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding does not only encourage bonding between mom and baby, but it also helps in burning excess fat, including tummy fat. Breastfeed your baby well and burn the excess fat in your tummy.

3. Engage in passive exercise such as taking a walk: You can take a 20 – 30 minute walk 3 times a week to help burn excess fat. Do not engage in active exercise since your incision wound is not well healed to prevent the incision from gaping.

4. Drink a lot of water: Water does not only help in keeping you hydrated or balancing the electrolytes in your body, but it also helps to flash excess fat from the body including tummy fat and also helps you to eat less.

5. Eat healthy: Avoid eating junk foods and eat fruits, vegetables and a well balanced diet since junk foods can make you to put on weight.

6. Sleep well: Stress can make you to put on weight. Have enough rest and sleep.

Give yourself some time and take good care of yourself,the tummy will all disappear./ Ways to reduce tummy after C- Section

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