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Sue West African Examinations Council Over Unjustifiable Mutilation and Cancelation of Students External Exams

Sue West African Examinations Council. Picture of WAEC logo

Sue West African Examinations Council Over Unjustifiable Mutilation and Cancelation of Students External Examination Results (WASSCE)


The readiness to sue West African Examinations Council was recently made known and supported by many affected citizens of this glorious country.


The team led by MOG, made a sarcastic statement that, authorities of our various institutions, most often than not take certain major decisions and  actions against the citizenry without taking into consideration the emotional and physical Trauma the sufferer may go through.


Some of these actions turned to jeopardize the life of the individuals.


Sue West African Examinations Council

Nana Yaw Boakye also known as MOG in short, A Ghanaian gospel musician on daybreak hits made a pronouncement that detest that, the over all examination body called WAEC must be sued as a matter of urgency to help halt the kind of tribulations and agony people are passing through based on their negligence.


The gospel musician made this known to Doreen Avio. He said, a close friend of his, engineered the whole episode. That friend of his, was illegally selling examination scripts popularly called ‘APPO)”.  Unfortunately on the part of him, he was caught and arrested.



The friend called him notifying him (MOG) about what transpired. MOG therefore gave the friend series of inspirations and motivational messages and off he went to write his examination.


Sue West African Examinations Council

This happened  back at school in the year 2000 when he was in the secondary school.

As they began the exams, he heard terrifying voice calling his name. They pull him out from desk to WAEC Office and interrogated him. He vomited all that he knows about the issue but all he said fell into death ears.


According to him, the matter later proceeded to court. After the court rulings, all his results were cancel including the actual person who mentioned his name. What pains him most is the fact that no investigation was done on his side and WAEC never invited him into the court of law before ruling their judgement, he added.


Due to this misfortune, he stayed in the home for a maximum of four years, wrote series of entrance examinations before getting head ways into the University. He finally said that things like this nature and other rots are ongoing in most institutions in Ghana.


Sue West African Examinations Council

He is tirelessly trying to get very power lawyers to resurrect and highjack the harm caused to him by WAEC.

The reality on the ground is that, one may fumble so hard to believe that Separation of powers as well as checks and balances are independently reenforced in the country of ours.

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