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Why Diabetic Patients Need Honey

Why Diabetic Patients Need Honey:

Why Diabetic Patients Need Honey : Honey is mostly known as a sweetner but has a great effect on diabetic foot.
Diabetic foot is a serious complication of diabetes which can make one to be hospitalized for a longer time and can even lead to amputation of the affected limb. / Why Diabetic Patients Need Honey

Diabetic wounds are slower to heal than any other wounds making treatment with medications very difficult./ Why Diabetic Patients Need Honey

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Among many  different therapies, honey is an effective choice because it provides comparatively rapid wound healing. Although honey has been used as an alternative medicine for wound healing since ancient times, the application of honey to diabetic wounds has only recently been revived.

Honey has some unique natural features as a wound healer, it works even more effectively on diabetic wounds than on normal wounds, also honey is good  for diabetic wound healing because it can combat many microorganisms that are involved in the wound process ,  because it possesses antioxidant activity and controls inflammation./ Why Diabetic Patients Need Honey

Honey reduces the rate of amputation and improves wound healing when used to dress diabetic foot wound.

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