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Women clothing; the most current & trending Styles in 2023.

Women clothing; the most current & trending Styles in 2023.

Women clothing; the most current & trending Styles in 2023.





Fashion inside technology is rulling the world whether positively or negatively is based on ones believe, morality ethnicity and philosophy and ones understanding of humans existence. Have a better feel of Women clothing; the most current & trending Styles in 2023.


Women we know are very sensitive to fashion trend and modernity. Research conducted by Oxford university Fashion and creative arts department has the justification that women are in to fashion much more than men. This realistic assession is serving as a yardstick for most vibrant fashion industries, fashion designers and accessories specialists in the world to focus largely in the production of women clothing.



Kofi Ansah, Ghana number one fashion designer who design flamboyant styles for export in china, United Kingdom, Canada etc testified that the rate at which women garments are been sold in the world market is as three times faster as men garment even in a geographical area where both men and women have same population.



He made this assession when he was invited to University of  Cape Coast (the magic university in Ghana) in their 56th fashion show anniversary.


Women have alot of clothing accessories and cosmetics as much as ten times as that of their counterpart men. This has also brought instability in the patronage of fashion in the world.


Men accessories are limited to bags, chains, footwear, rings, hat, ties, purse, watches, socks, belt and a few more.

Women use all the above mentioned accessories even in a more modernized and diverse ways. In addition, they use ear rings, bangles, bracelets, beads, hair fascinators, brassieres, brassier caps and many more.



A lot of arrangement of fullness used in garment construction are female centred hence can be easily manipulated to produce variety of female styles. The shape and figure types of female stature agrees to curvilinear styles unlike men with shapeless figure types with the exception of few.


Dats, pleats, smocking, sharrings, and tucks can be manipulated to aesthetically obtain various styles with distinct features.

Check out the most trending fashing styles for women.















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