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2022/2023 College of Education Admission Portal Opened For First Batch Applicants.

2022/2023 College of Education Admission. Picture of college of education students

 2022/2023 College of Education Admission Portal Opened For First Batch Applicants.


Contextual frame work of the Educational System of the College of Education across all the sixteen Regions in Ghana has finally shown its ugly head.


Introduction and subsequent releasing of admission forms were highly publicized earlier 2022. Moreover the various Colleges of education deem it necessary to resist or postpone the the closing of sale of the admission forms till recently.


In totality, the colleges of education that have gotten the rightful number of applicants, closed their admission portal very long time ago.


2022/2023 College of Education Admission

The first batch of qualified applicants of The formally called Teacher Training College which has been changed to College of Education in the contrary, has given head ways for 2022/2023 Academic year.


Applications have been scrutinized and admission list finalized in favour of successful applicants. The Board Members are entreated successful candidates to check, print and respond accordingly to the needful and further processes required of them amicably.


Normally, successful and fully qualified applicants were demanded to receive a text notification or notification through EMS. Sometimes too, applicant can log into the college of education portal with all the necessary credentials used during College of Education online application process.


2022/2023 College of Education Admission

This demands that, you enter your pin  and your  secret code.

Another alternative is that, the names of all the successful applicants are boldly pasted on the school notice board. One may decide to check from the notice board.

New applicants and those who  applied lately or through awaiting forms should wait patiently for the system to complete its imputes as early as possible.Those people are not part of the the released batch. They may be fortunate to be part of either second or third batch of the admission processes.


All applicants should be vigilance so as to avoid fraudster’s who may demand or request money from them in other to assist them.


2022/2023 College of Education Admission

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