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2022 BECE Graduates Told by Education Minister when to Report to School.

2022 BECE Graduates Told by Education Minister when to Report to School.

2022 BECE Graduates Told by Education Minister when to Report to School.



The exact time and moment 2022 BECE Graduates will report to school was Clearfield by Education Minister through his spoke person on joy news on 9th February 2023, Thursday.



As BECE results have been released, the very immediate follow up occurences is when to Report to School.



Mr. Kofi on joy news questioned the minister’s spoke person why the delay in the CSSPS this year.



According to The Education Ministry, due to alleged fraud that was directly linked to the school placement system, most activities were halted.

Again, The Ministry set-up a committee to investigate into the matter which was one of the reasons for the delay.
Besides, Since the ministers assess was used for the placement fraud, change needs to be done to the system. It is only the minister who is entitled to make placement to category “A” Schools unless he delegate some one to act otherwise, he added.



He also mentioned that, the number of BECE graduates has increased exponentially and that critical care should be taken into consideration to do the needful.



The implementation of the STEM programme was also a factor. Since BECE will end this year, a major transition must take place to pave way for smooth running of the new system or curriculum.



He again uttered that as a way of reducing errors, the rightful things were put into place to lessens frustration.


When he was asked the placement and reporting dates, he said, as for the reporting date, it was already inculcated into the academic year’s calendar. Per the calendar,  BECE Graduates will report to school on 20th February, 2023. The total contact hours they will spend for the entire year is (1080). They will be in school from 20th February to 13th April. They will then break on 14th April to 8th June and come back on 9th June.



He said the fraud issue has delayed the placement. He husten and added that, we should expect the placement around 13th February. This was the reason why a new calendar was released asking year twos to go home on the 17th February to pave way for 2022 BECE graduates to report on the 20th.


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