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A video of how aggressiveness is very detrimental to consciousness

A video of how aggressiveness is very detrimental to consciousness.

Listen to and watch the video so carefully.

Life is worth nothing, words are powerful and deadly than a machine gun. Be careful and try to act professionally at all times.

Put a check on your emotions! You can’t always be emotionally attached to every opposite sex that comes your way! That is dysfunctional!
Don’t waste your emotional energies!

Some forms of closeness are unnecessary especially when you know the relationship will lead you both nowhere!

You already know you won’t date this person or even persons…. Then you go all “mushy” and be sending confusing signals….. Then later you will be complaining of chest pain! Why won’t chest be paining you when you are overworking your heart.

And a lot of times such relationships don’t end well! Relationships that could have turned into a supernatural one is destroyed!

You can’t marry everybody and anybody! Discern relationships before they start and know how to separate these from your emotions( The emotions that makes your heart go skrrrrrrrrrpaaa…. I mean jigijigi….. You know waraimin ).

Build friendships… I mean good friendships and just enjoy yourself with friends!

Don’t lose good relationships to emotional hiccups! Don’t! If it happens that emotions entered… Deal with it fast and keep the relationship going!
If we all begin to develop feelings like that for one another… Things will spoil!

Have friends of the opposite sex that always have your back and yet no emotional attachment or strings attached!!!

Invest in your relationship with people and we can sure have healthy relationships that will be life-long too!!!!

Chanel your emotions properly and don’t confuse yourself with unnecessary affection from people that have no connection with your marital choice!


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