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Effect of groundnuts on diabetes

Effect of groundnuts on diabetes

Effect of groundnuts on diabetes : Groundnuts, also known as peanuts, are a legume crop. They are rich in healthy proteins, fiber and fats. The fats contained in groundnuts are all good fats. Groundnuts contain phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium, which are all good minerals needed by the body.
Groundnuts are a good source of food for people with type 2 diabetes and those who want to prevent diabetes, meaning groundnuts are a good source of food for everyone. Groundnuts aid in weight loss, which is the main cause of type 2 diabetes. Being able to control your weight is a good method of reducing your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
Diabetes is a rise in blood sugar levels. In diabetes, it’s either you do not respond to insulin or your body cells do not make use of insulin. Or your body does not make enough insulin to transport sugar to the cells. When your body doesn’t respond to insulin or your body does not produce enough insulin, the glucose or sugar remains in the bloodstream. / Effect of groundnuts on diabetes
The glucose does not get to the body cells for the cells to use as much energy as required. When this happens for some time, it can cause damage to the blood vessels and lead to cardiovascular diseases, kidney disease and vision loss.
Controlling your blood sugar levels and preventing diabetes is the best way to help you to reduce your risk of these diseases./ Effect of groundnuts on diabetes
Risk factors associated with diabetes
1. Being overweight
2. High blood cholesterol levels
3. Having high blood pressure or heart disease
4. Gestational diabetes
5. Having a family history of diabetes
Effect of groundnuts on diabetes
When you eat, the body converts the carbohydrate in the food into glucose for the body cells to use as energy.
People with diabetes need to eat low glycemic index foods. The glycemic index of food determines how carbohydrate in the food you eat will instantly convert to glucose in your body.
The more quickly carbohydrates convert to glucose in the body, the more harm it causes to your body. The glycemic index measures how your blood sugar and insulin levels spike after consuming the same quantity of carbohydrate from different foods.
Foods with low glycemic index are healthier, they digest slowly and discharge glucose slowly into the bloodstream. This controls your blood sugar levels and insulin production as well.
Groundnut is a low glycemic index food. It digests slowly and releases glucose slowly into the bloodstream, which makes it a good source of food for diabetics and those who are preventing the disease.
Studies show that when you eat food high in carbohydrate with groundnuts, the groundnut reduces the rate at which your blood sugar spikes and controls your blood sugar even though you ate a high carbohydrate diet. It’s advisable for diabetics to add groundnuts to diets high in carbohydrate.
Blood sugar and insulin levels can rise immediately after eating high glycemic index foods. After a few minutes, your blood sugar levels can drop steadily than before you ate, and this makes you more hungry few minutes after eating. This is very dangerous to the body.
Groundnuts also help to reduce blood cholesterol levels. They contain healthful nutrients and minerals. When you eat groundnuts in the morning, they help to put your blood sugar levels under control for the whole day.
Groundnuts are rich in higher amounts of magnesium, which aids in lowering blood sugar.
Groundnuts also reduce your risk of high blood pressure, which is one complication of diabetes. People with high blood pressure can also eat groundnuts to lower it.


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