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Effect of Blood Group on Heart Health

Effect of Blood Group on Heart Health

Blood is a body fluid in the circulatory system of animals which consists of plasma and cells that supply essential substances such as oxygen, nutrients, hormones, sugars to cells of the body to use them to function adequately and also remove waste substances from the body. Diseases that affect the blood are very serious and need to be attended to as early as is noted and there is always treatment available. Your blood type has an effect on your heart health. That’s why you need to know the effect of blood group on heart health.

The components of blood are

1. Platelets: Platelets help in the blood clotting process. It helps one’s blood to clot when injured to avoid severe bleeding.

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2. Plasma: Plasma is the liquid component of the blood and it’s a mixture of water, sugar, fats, salt and protein. The plasma transports blood cells throughout the body with sugar, nutrients, hormones, antibodies and protein that help to balance the body fluids./ Effect of Blood Group on Heart Health

3. Red blood cells : Red blood cells contain a protein called haemoglobin which helps to carry oxygenated blood from the lungs to the body cells and also carries deoxygenated blood or carbon dioxide from the body cells to the lungs to be exhaled.

4. White blood cells: The white blood cells protect the body from infection.

Functions of Blood

1. Blood transports oxygen and nutrients to cells and tissues.

2. The blood carries antibodies that help to fight infections.

3. The blood forms blood clots to prevent excess blood loss during injury.

4. The blood regulates the body temperature.

5. The blood carries waste products to the liver and kidneys to filter and clean the blood from waste substances.

Types of blood group

There are four main types of blood group. A, B, AB and O. Your blood group is inherited from genes passed on from your parents and each blood group has an effect on your heart health./ Effect of Blood Group on Heart Health

Heart disease risk may be connected with blood type. That’s why you need to know the effect of blood group on heart health to adopt a healthier lifestyle such as eating well, avoiding smoking and alcohol consumption, exercising, weight loss to reduce your risk.

People with blood type A, type B, and type AB are more at risk of developing heart diseases such as heart attack and heart diseases than people with blood group O, according to the American heart association./ Effect of Blood Group on Heart Health

This is because of the presence of a gene called ABO. The gene in blood type A, type B and type AB puts them at that risk, especially if you have blood type A, B, or AB and you live in a crowded or highly populated area, you are more at risk of developing a heart condition than someone who don’t have that blood type.

What Can You Do ?

1. Exercise regularly

2. Stay away from highly populated areas

3. Eat heart healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables.

4. Reduce your weight if you are obese or over weight

5. Avoid smoking

6. Avoid drinking alcohol

7. Go for check ups always

Know your blood type today and avoid any unwanted conditions in the future.

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