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Effects of Hairdressing on Asthma

Effects of Hairdressing on Asthma

The effects of hairdressing on asthma are undermined but there is consistent evidence that working in hair salons may increase the risk of respiratory effects. You get exposed to hazardous chemicals such as bleaches, conditioners, detergents, dyes, fixatives, and relaxers or straighteners that are most often used as commercially prepared mixtures.

Most of these products can generate chemical aerosols during hairdressing activities, and hairdressing -specific aerosol particles have been shown to be capable of penetrating into the lungs causing occupational asthma in hairdressers.

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The use of hair bleaching and other hair products has been reported to be particularly hazardous work tasks. During hair bleaching that’s hair discoloring, hairdressers use a mixture of oxidized powder and an alkaline solution to fade the natural hair color. When the hairdressers mix these substances, some of the chemicals are released into the air and are inhaled by the hairdressers, and these chemicals can reach the lining of the airways of the hairdressers and thus can cause respiratory symptoms such as phlegm production, cough, breathless, wheezing, congestions./ Effects of Hairdressing on Asthma

The mechanism can either be an irritant mechanism, or in some cases, a hypersensitivity (that’s an allergic mechanism.)

The adverse respiratory effects among hairdressers are likely to be mostly preventable.

1. Implementation of adequate ventilation systems in the hairdressing saloons can decrease the exposure levels of airborne chemicals./ Effects of Hairdressing on Asthma

2. The use of proper personal protective equipment such as wearing marks while at work may be necessary to protect the worker.

3. Replacing products containing multiple hazardous substances with less harmful products is being employed in some countries with success.

If you are a hairdresser, kindly put on nose mask when working to minimize your risk for any respiratory disorder./ Effects of Hairdressing on Asthma

Reference: Health first

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