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Fair Wages and Salaries Commission Press Release

Fair Wages and Salaries Commission. Picture of press release

Fair Wages and Salaries Commission Press Release


Fair wages and Salaries commission has formally written inviting the various teams and Labour Unions to a meeting on Wednesday, 30th November, 2022, 2:00pm which happens to be today.

This meeting continues its agenda by discussing the percentage increase in salaries that would be found acceptable which could be pivoting around this our chameleon-like economy to help save the ordinary Ghanaian.


Fair Wages and Salaries Commission

Latest on salary negotiations (Today, Wednesday)
Update from the last meeting shows that, government is insisting on the 15% percent increase whiles the labour unions still stand on 60%.
What emanated from the last meeting:

1. According to the labour unions, they started from 140% and came down to 60%. so they will not back down on the 60%

2. Labour Unions says the 60% increment is indirectly equivalent to only 18% net effect increment

3. Labour says 15% CoLA is ending in December, so 15% proposal by government has a net effect of zero percent

Fair Wages and Salaries Commission

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