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Ghana Jubilee House Security is Broken as an American Rapperholic was allowed in; to shoot music Video..

Ghana Jubilee House Security is Broken. Picture of jubilee house

Ghana Jubilee House Security is Broken as an American Rapperholic was allowed in; to shoot music Video..



This is so became the major topic for discussion in the week has a linkage with the above mentioned topic. Many Ghanaian think that Ghana Jubilee House Security is Broken as his Excellency Akufo Addo allowed a mere guy who calls himself a rapper to use the jubilee house as an avenue for shooting his music video.


This American rapperholic, so he said, is known as Meek Mill. According to many, the manner in which the guy was dressed is even questionable. He has nothing depicting that he is an American. People who listened to and watched the music clip he shot said, it contain profanic and abusive language.


Ghana Jubilee House Security is Broken

People started raining insults on the president for allowing the the rapper in, to  monitor our entire Jubilee House. Even the daughter of the president advised her father to abstain from this, but he wouldn’t listen.



While minority of Ghanaians sees this as a mere fun, others believed that, the further damaging effect can not be quantified. Why will the president demean himself like that by allowing the guy to use the official podium Akufo Addo himself uses for his public addresses to be used  for dishing rap lines, said ungrudgingly by Ghanaians.


Ghana Jubilee House Security is Broken

Ghanaians believed that, Assuming the government wanted a music video to be shot there, he could have invited brillient and must talented musician in Ghana who could have performed better than what Meek Mill did.


Ghana Jubilee House Security is Broken

Indeed, after the program, Ghanian started attacking the rapper rapidly and raining naked insults on him. The whole thing to Meek Mill was very devastating and irritating. He could not stand the agony and traumatic consequences of his action. He to therefore came out boldly to apologize to the people of Ghana.



He said, he never taught of harming or hurting the feelings of Ghanaians. He believed we are all one and of the same people hence we are free to collaborate to ensure togetherness.

This is the clip video shot by Meek Mill at Jubilee House of Ghana

What is your take here after carefully watching and listening to the clip music video?  Do you also believe that our security system is broken?  Give your suggestions at the comment section

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