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Government is Owning Teachers 9 months Arrears

Government is Owning Teachers 9 months Arrears:

 Government is Owning Teachers 9 months Arrears: Teacher Unions to take Action by the end of February if nothing is done.



The teacher unions have taken upon themselves to bring to the public domain that government is Owning Teachers 9 months arrears and that if nothing is done about it their next line of action will follow.



According to the teacher unions, government is owning every single pre-tertiary teacher in the country nine months arrears.



To them, the monies government deducts from our salaries which are meant to be paid to Ghana Education Service Occupational Pension Scheme are not paid for the last nine months.



This issue is hugely grievous and also serving as a breach of contract. The fundamental rights of the poor teacher is alway infringed upon.


Teachers are sitting aloof, knowing that, they are investing towards retirement. Guess what? Their monies are no where to be found.



Per their preliminary investigations, the last monies Controller and Accountant General Department deposited into teachers account against retirement was the month of March 2022 which was paid in January 2023.



Synonymously, few teachers who were on retirement since last year are still engraving their ways through to obtain their monies. To stop something is to cripple fast.



The unions are therefore using the media to publicize the sudden occurrence which is outside the control of the teacher, but needs his or her attention as it occurs.



On behalf of teachers, the unions are asking government to pay those monies by the end of march or dance to the music.


Any action that may emanate as a result of non payment of those arrears to Ghana Education Occupational Pension Scheme, government is to  blame.


This letter was endorsed by all the vibrant teacher unions. What is your take on this matter? Give your coments in the comment section.



Looking at the current situation of our economy, people believe that if care is not taken, government may not be able to pay salaries the next six months. What do you think? Leave polities aside and hit the nail on the head.



However, I encourage you and myself to adopt the habit of mindful savings.

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