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History and Future of Western Education in Ghana.

History and Future of Western Education in Ghana.

History and Future of Western Education in Ghana.









History and Future of Western Education in Ghana. The first European to visit Ghana was the Portuguese.  In 1471 Portuguese came to Ghana formally called Gold Coast. Their first attempt was to initiate barter trading.


In fact they were more enlightened hence they taught of taking advantage of Gold coast. The Europeans especially the Portuguese mission to promote Education in Ghana was to Teach the children of the riches how to read and write. This was vital to them because, language barrier was making it difficult for them to interact freely with the people.



In 1694 the British established the castle school system after they defeated the Portugese and took over Gold Coast. . They were teaching Africans on literacy, numeracy and arithmetics. The language of delivery was english.



Along line the way, the barter trading was very strong between Gold Coasters  and the British. The castle school system of education was targeting the spreading of Christianity as a religion and propergation of English language as an official language. They began giving scholarships to Ghanaian best students to study outside Ghana. This made Ghanaian forgot of ourselves and started competing seriously among themselves.



Ghanaians were influenced at a fast speed through the introduction of education and Religion. To make this vision achievable, they started condemning African Traditional Religion. It has very very tough for them at the beginning until they established a church and used some of the Africans in the Church to help preach against Traditional Religion.



Ghanaian leaders were segregated hence the european became the masters of the Country. The Ashanties did not give up easily. The Ashanti Empire was uniting the Ashanties until the empire got broken.



The ideology was to program Africans to turn against themselves. They were able to achieve those aims which gave them total control of our resources. They use us in all the various sectors.  We  began to hit each other and this created a strong enemiship between Africans.


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