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How I was Saved by Arm Robbers After My Hubby Threw me and my Children  Away in the Night. Life treated me so badly.

How I was Saved by Arm Robbers. Picture of arm robbers

How I was Saved by Arm Robbers After My Hubby Threw me and my Children  Away in the Night. Life treated me so badly.


The mother of one Brilliant and profound contestant of the National Science and Maths Quiz made a sarcastic and worrisome statement during life interview on tv.  How i was saved by  arm robbers, so she said.


I Met Three Thieves looking very fearful and staring at me. They were more than ready to attack me. But later on, they had a sympathy on me looking at how Sorrowful  i was with my children.


They interrogated me and After Explaining To Them what transpired They Took Me home. Mukami has revealed how her husband used to beat her up. She revealed a day when her husband came home drunk beat her up and kicked her out at night with her children. On her way home she met three armed thieves.


How I was Saved by Arm Robbers

After explaining to them what her husband did to her, they wanted her to take them to where her husband was so they can beat the man mercilessly but she refused. They later took her to her parent’s home.


She never finished high school because her father, the family’s sole provider, passed away when she was in form two. She found work as a housekeeper in Thika town after moving there.


She and her husband had an online romance for six months before they finally met in person. After they finally connected, she moved into his home and they started their new life together as husband and wife. After her husband lost his work, the couple decided to relocate to the village.

They were given the gift of two children. Her spouse lost any sense of responsibility, selling off furniture and appliances to buy liquor. It was possible for him to physically harm Mukami if she questioned his actions.


He got home one night with his Mistress about 10 o’clock, both of them sloshed with alcohol. He told her to feed them, but he’d forgotten to stock the fridge. She told him they were out of food, and he began punching her and throwing her belongings out the window.


How I was Saved by Arm Robbers

She uprooted herself and her two kids. She embarked on an arduous journey across the coffee farm. After a while of traveling, she spotted three males in the distance, illuminated by the moon. When the men approached her, she was frightened at first, but she chose to keep going.

Their firearms raised her anxiety, but they assured her they wouldn’t use them on her. She broke the news to them, detailing the events that had unfolded. The men were furious and threatened to assault her spouse unless she stopped them.

They identified themselves as gangsters but assured her they wouldn’t harm her. They drove her back to her parents’ house, where they saw to it that she got inside before helping with her laggage and one of her children. They begged her to keep serving her God after they rescued her. Out pf pertinent trading, she was able to take care of the children till today.

Now, the elders son just competed Senior High School and had scholarship to study medicine  abroad. Life is mistery! My advice to you and myself is that, keep serving your lord and where it seems there is no hope, the favour of the lord is closer. They promised the poor woman to compensate her well and engage her in a lucrative business.

How I was Saved by Arm Robbers

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